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All Unknown Artist Folders on LT

Created by AussieMinecrafter on 30 Nov 2022

All "Unknown Artist" folders on LyricsTranslate. Please comment if I have missed any and I will add them.

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Languages:  English, English (Middle English), English (Scots), Latin

Country:  Australia

Languages:  Diyari, English, Other, Australian Kriol

Country:  Albania

Languages:  Albanian, Greek

Languages:  Arabic, Arabic (other varieties)

Language:  French (Antillean Creole)

Popular song:  103

Language:  Aromanian

Country:  Azerbaijan

Language:  Azerbaijani

Country:  Cote d'Ivoire

Language:  Baoulé

Popular song:  Sran Mun Be Ngba

Country:  Spain

Languages:  Basque (Modern, Batua), Basque (other varieties)

Popular songs:  InternazionalaTopa Dagigun

Country:  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Bosnian

Country:  France

Language:  Breton

Popular song:  An Alarc'h

Country:  Spain

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Catalan

Popular song:  Sant Jordi arriba

Country:  Malawi

Language:  Chewa

Country:  China

Languages:  Chinese, Chinese (Cantonese), English, Chinese (Classical Chinese)

Country:  Russia

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Chuvash

Country:  Croatia

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Croatian

Country:  Denmark

Languages:  Danish, Italian

Country:  India

Language:  Deccani

Country:  Netherlands

Languages:  Dutch, Dutch (Middle Dutch), Dutch (Old Dutch)

Language:  Esperanto

Country:  Estonia

Language:  Estonian

Country:  Faroe Islands

Language:  Faroese

Languages:  Finnish, Swedish

Country:  Finland

Language:  Finnish

Language:  Dutch

Popular song:  Vertrek Naar Iseland

Country:  France

Genre:  Pop-Folk

Languages:  French, French (Old French), English

Country:  Italy

Language:  Friulian

Popular song:  La Pimpa

Country:  Germany

Genre:  Poetry

Languages:  German, Russian

Country:  Haiti

Language:  French (Haitian Creole)

Popular song:  Pa ret ap domi

Country:  Israel

Genre:  Folk

Languages:  Hebrew, Russian

Language:  Hmong

Popular song:  Nas Gheul Nas Renx

Country:  China

Language:  Taiwanese Hokkien

Popular song:  東方紅

Country:  Hungary

Languages:  Hungarian, Hungarian (Old Hungarian), Russian

Country:  Iceland

Language:  Icelandic

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Ilokano

Country:  Indonesia

Language:  Indonesian

Country:  Ireland

Genre:  Folk

Languages:  English, Gaelic (Irish Gaelic)

Country:  Italy

Genres:  Anthems, Folk

Languages:  Italian, Italian (Southern Italian dialects), Italian (Medieval), Neapolitan

Language:  Karachay-Balkar

Popular song:  Köçkünçülük

Genre:  Poetry

Language:  Kashmiri

Language:  Khmer

Language:  Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Country:  India

Language:  Kutchi

Language:  Lao

Language:  Latin

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Latvian

Language:  Lithuanian

Language:  Luxembourgish

Country:  Madagascar

Language:  Malagasy

Popular song:  Tia zaza

Country:  Malaysia

Language:  Malay

Country:  India

Language:  Maltese

Popular song:  Il-Kantilena

Country:  New Zealand

Language:  Maori

Popular song:  Te Hunga Mahi

Genre:  Pop-Folk

Language:  Mari

Language:  Polish (Masurian dialect)

Popular song:  Réjza

Language:  Other

Popular song:  Spagnoli venir

Language:  Other

Popular song:  Nūŋgā wa ɔ̄

Country:  Mexico

Language:  Spanish

Country:  India

Language:  Mising

Popular song:  Kangkana

Language:  Mohawk

Popular song:  Wakatshennón:ni

Country:  Russia

Genres:  Folk, Pop-Rock

Language:  Mordvinic languages

Popular song:  Акша келуня

Country:  Morocco

Language:  Arabic

Country:  Burkina Faso

Language:  Mossi

Popular song:  Mòoré Gomdã

Country:  India

Language:  Mundari

Language:  Na'vi

Country:  Italy

Language:  Neapolitan

Popular song:  Vurria ca fosse ciaola

Country:  Nepal

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Nepali

Language:  Nogai

Popular song:  Yapıraq

Languages:  Norwegian, Icelandic

Popular songs:  EnhetsfrontsangVarsavjankaKrummi

All "Unknown Artist" folders on LyricsTranslate. Please comment if I have missed any and I will add them.

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