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All Unknown Artist Folders on LT (#2)

Created by AussieMinecrafter on 30 Nov 2022

All "Unknown Artist" folders on LyricsTranslate. Please comment if I have missed any and I will add them.

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All "Unknown Artist" folders on LyricsTranslate. Please comment if I have missed any and I will add them.

100 items

Language:  Occitan

Popular songs:  Se CantaLo boièrVenes, Venes

Country:  Japan

Languages:  Hebrew, Okinawan

Language:  English (Old English)

Popular song:  Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

Language:  French (Old French)

Popular song:  Song of Roland

Country:  Palau

Language:  Palauan

Popular song:  Kulerreked erkau

Country:  Pakistan

Genre:  Dance

Language:  English

Country:  Peru

Languages:  Spanish, Spanish (Old Castillian)

Country:  Poland

Language:  Polish

Language:  Quechua

Popular song:  Trigo Eray

Country:  Italy

Language:  Italian (Roman dialect)

Popular song:  A tocchi a tocchi

Country:  Romania

Languages:  Romanian, Aromanian, Romani, Ukrainian

Language:  Rusyn (Carpathian)

Language:  Other

Popular song:  O la Zerbitana retica

Country:  France

Language:  Sardo-Corsican (Sassarese)

Genre:  Poetry

Languages:  Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic), English (Scots)

Language:  Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

Popular song:  La komida la manyana

Country:  Italy

Genre:  Children's Music

Language:  Sicilian

Popular song:  La vò (Ninna Nanna)

Country:  Pakistan

Genre:  Rock 'n' Roll

Language:  Sindhi

Country:  Sri Lanka

Language:  Sinhala

Genre:  Poetry

Language:  Croatian (Chakavian dialect)

Popular song:  Sin moj (Slavomolisano)

Country:  Slovenia

Language:  Slovenian

Country:  Somalia

Language:  Somali

Country:  Korea, South

Languages:  Latin, Korean

Country:  Italy

Language:  Italian (Southern Italian dialects)

Country:  Indonesia

Language:  Sundanese

Popular song:  Panon Hideung

Country:  Sweden

Languages:  Swedish, Swedish (dialects)

Country:  Switzerland

Language:  German (Swiss-German/Alemannic)

Popular song:  Träne

Country:  Philippines

Languages:  Filipino/Tagalog, Other

Popular songs:  SitsiritsitOn potokMendiola

Country:  Tajikistan

Languages:  Tajik, Transliteration

Country:  Iran

Language:  Talyshi

Popular song:  Nozə yarım

Genre:  Folk

Languages:  Tatar, Crimean Tatar

Language:  Toki Pona

Popular song:  Wan Taso

Country:  Tonga

Language:  Tongan

Language:  Turkish

Country:  Ukraine

Genres:  Folk, Poetry

Languages:  Ukrainian, Russian

Country:  Pakistan

Genre:  Poetry

Languages:  Urdu, English

Language:  Uzbek

Country:  Venezuela

Language:  Spanish

Popular song:  Montilla

Language:  Veps

Country:  Vietnam

Languages:  Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese

Country:  China

Language:  Zhuang

Popular songs:  佈佈𧾷马龙军官

Country:  South Africa

Language:  Zulu

Popular song:  Senzeni Na?

Country:  United States

Language:  Zuni

Popular songs:  Tem HoɂZuni Counting Song