Artists who died in 2019 (May - August)

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Artists who died in 2019 (May - August)

A collection of the artists that passed away in 2019, from May to August. The list for January to April is here:

John Starling, guitarist, died on May 2 (aged 79).

Top 2 songs:  Blue Ridge Muddy Water

J. R. Cobb, guitarist, died on May 4 (aged 75).

Artist | Iran Pop

Behnam Safavi died on May 13 (aged 35).

Leon Rausch, singer, died on May 14 (aged 91).

Mike Wilhelm, guitarist, died on May 14 (aged 77).

Top song:  Codine

Chuck Barksdale died on May 15 (aged 84).

Artist | France

Mick Micheyl died on May 16 (aged 97).

Nilda Fernandez died on May 19 (aged 61).

10. Alabama 3

Jake Black aka the Reverend D Wayne Love, co-founder and singer of Alabama 3, died on May 21.

Gabriel Diniz died on May 27 (aged 28).

Top song:  Jenifer

Willie Ford died on May 28 (aged 68).

Leon Redbone died on May 30 (aged 69).

Top song:  Christmas Island

Roky Erickson, founder of the band 13th Floor Elevators, died on May 31 (aged 71).

Piet Botha died on June 2 (aged 63).

Top song:  Mozambique
16. Dr. John

Dr. John died on June 6 (aged 77).

17. Serguei

Serguei died on June 7 (aged 85).

18. Angra
Artist | Brazil Metal

André Matos, former lead singer, died on June 8 (aged 47).

19. Geto Boys

Bushwick Bill, rapper, died on June 9 (aged 52).

Jim Pike, co-founder and lead singer of The Lettermen, died on June 9 (aged 82).

Nature Ganganbaigal, founder of Tengger Cavalry, died on June 13 (aged 29).

23. RPM
Artist | Brazil Rock

Paulo Pagni, drummer, died on June 22 (aged 61).

Dave Bartholomew died on June 23 (aged 100).

Top song:  My Ding-A-Ling
Artist | Germany R&B/Soul

Astrid North, singer of the band Cultured Pearls, died on June 25 (aged 45).

Top song:  Lightning

Gary Duncan, guitarist and singer, died on June 29 (aged 72).

Top song:  What About Me?
Artist | Germany Folk

Willy Schnitzler, former keyboarder, died end of June (aged 67).

Anne Vanderlove died on June 30 (aged 75).

Costa Cordalis died on July 2 (aged 75).

João Gilberto died on July 6 (aged 88).

Top 3 songs:  Desafinado Estate Doralice

Cameron Boyce died on July 6 (aged 20).

Thommy Gustafsson, keyboardist, died on July 6 (aged 71).

Jerry Lawson died on July 10 (aged 75).

Top song:  Buffalo Soldier

Dick Richards, drummer, died on July 12 (aged 95).

Russell Smith, singer-songwriter, died on July 12 (aged 70).

Johnny Clegg died on July 16 (aged 66).

Top song:  Asilazi