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Artists who died in 2021 - May

Created by maluca on 04 May 2021 | Last edited by maluca on 20 May 2022
Artists who died in 2021 - May

A collection of the artists that passed away in May 2021.

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1. Lloyd Price Artist

Lloyd Price died on May 3 (aged 88).

Country:  United States

Genres:  R&B/Soul, Rock 'n' Roll

Language:  English

2. Phil Naro Artist

Phil Naro died on May 3 (aged 63).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Rock, Singer-songwriter

Language:  English

Popular song:  '6Teen' Theme Song

3. Black Ingvars Artist

Henrik Ohlin, bass guitarist, died in May 2021 (death announced on May 4).

Country:  Sweden

Genres:  Comedy, Metal

Language:  Swedish

Popular song:  Cherie

4. Almendra Artist

Rodolfo García, drummer, died on May 4 (aged 75).

Country:  Argentina

Genres:  Blues, Jazz, Rock, Rock 'n' Roll

Language:  Spanish

5. Nick Kamen Artist

Nick Kamen died on May 4 (aged 59).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genre:  Pop

Language:  English

6. Vanya Kostova Artist

Vanya Kostova died on May 6 (aged 64).

7. Slobodná Európa Artist

Braňo Alex, bass guitarist, died on May 6 (aged 55).

Country:  Slovakia

Genre:  Punk

Language:  Slovak

Popular song:  Nikdy to tak nebude

8. The Staple Singers Artist

Pervis Staples died on May 6 (aged 85).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Religious

Language:  English

9. Cassiano Artist

Cassiano died on May 7 (aged 77).

Country:  Brazil

Genre:  Pop

Language:  Portuguese

Popular songs:  CastiçalColeçãoMelissa

10. Vladimir Kachan Artist

Vladimir Kachan died on May 7 (aged 73).

11. Warrior Artist

Rob Farr, bassist, died on May 9 (aged 58).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Metal

Language:  English

Popular song:  Fighting for the Earth

12. Abdolvahab Shahidi Artist

Abdolvahab Shahidi died on May 10 (aged 98).

Country:  Iran

Genre:  Folk

Language:  Persian

13. Svante Thuresson Artist

Svante Thuresson died on May 10 (aged 84).

Country:  Sweden

Genres:  Jazz, R&B/Soul

Language:  Swedish

14. Akundum Artist

Mongol (Arlindo Carlos Silva da Paixão), band founder, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, died on May 11 (aged 64).

Country:  Brazil

Genres:  Alternative, Reggae, Rock

Language:  Portuguese

Popular song:  Emaconhada

15. Arturo Testa Artist

Arturo Testa died on May 12 (aged 89).

Country:  Italy

Genre:  Opera

Language:  Italian

16. 2 Belgen Artist

Herman Celis, drummer, died on May 12 (aged 67).

Country:  Belgium

Genre:  New Wave

Languages:  English, French, German

Popular songs:  LenaOpération coup de poing

Jack Terricloth, band leader, died on May 12 (aged 50).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Punk

Language:  English

18. Warlord Artist

William J Tsamis, guitarist, died on May 13 (aged 60).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Metal

Language:  English

19. Đorđe Marjanović Artist

Đorđe Marjanović died on May 15 (aged 89).

Country:  Serbia

Genres:  Blues, Pop

Language:  Serbian

Popular songs:  VulkanNataliZvižduk u 8

20. Poni Hoax Artist

Nicolas Ker, vocalist, died on May 17 (aged 50).

Country:  France

Genre:  Rock

Language:  English

Popular song:  The Music Never Dies

21. MC Kevin Artist

MC Kevin died on May 17 (aged 23).

Country:  Brazil

Genre:  Funk

Language:  Portuguese

Popular song:  Cavalo de Troia

22. Tøsedrengene Artist

Michael Bruun, guitarist, died on May 17 (aged 70).

Country:  Denmark

Genre:  Pop

Language:  Danish

Neal Ford died on May 17 (aged 78).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Psychedelic, Rock

Language:  English

Popular song:  Shame On You

24. Franco Battiato Artist

Franco Battiato died on May 18 (aged 76).

Country:  Italy

Genres:  Classical, Electronica, Pop-Rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic, Singer-songwriter

Languages:  Italian, English, German, French

25. Alix Dobkin Artist

Alix Dobkin died on May 19 (aged 80).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Folk, Singer-songwriter

Language:  English

26. Oğuz Yılmaz Artist

Oğuz Yılmaz died on May 19 (aged 52).

Country:  Turkey

Genre:  Pop-Folk

Language:  Turkish

Popular songs:  CekirgeUstaArabistan Kızları

27. Ion Dichiseanu Artist

Ion Dichiseanu died on May 20 (aged 87).

Country:  Romania

Language:  Romanian

28. Traffic (UK) Artist

Roger Hawkins, drummer, died on May 20 (aged 75).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genres:  Rock, Progressive rock

Language:  English

Popular songs:  Paper SunHole in My ShoeBlind Man

John Davis, singer, died on May 24 (aged 66).

Country:  Germany

Genres:  Dance, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop

Language:  English

30. LISS Artist

Søren Holm, singer, died on May 25 (aged 25).

Country:  Denmark

Genre:  Indie

Language:  English

Popular song:  Try

31. Nelson Sargento Artist

Nelson Sargento died on May 27 (aged 96).

Country:  Brazil

Genre:  Latino

Language:  Portuguese

Popular song:  Agoniza mas não morre

32. Ruja Artist

Tiit Haagma, bassist, died on May 27 (aged 67).

Country:  Estonia

Language:  Estonian

33. B. J. Thomas Artist

B. J. Thomas died on May 29 (aged 78).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Country music, Pop, Rock

Language:  English

34. Luisa Molina Artist

Luisa Molina died on May 30 (aged 65).

Country:  Bolivia

Genres:  Folk, Latino

Language:  Spanish

Popular song:  Añoranzas

35. Lil Loaded Artist

Lil Loaded died on May 31 (aged 20).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap

Language:  English

Popular song:  6locc 6a6y