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Artists who died in 2023 - September

Created by maluca on 02 Sep 2023 | Last edited by maluca on 06 Nov 2023
Artists who died in 2023 - September

A collection of the artists that passed away in September 2023

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1. Jimmy Buffett Artist

Jimmy Buffett died on September 1 (aged 76).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Country music, Pop-Rock

Language:  English

José Sébéloué, singer, died on September 3 (aged 74).

Country:  France

Genre:  Pop

Languages:  French, French (Antillean Creole)

3. Gary Wright Artist

Gary Wright died on September 4 (aged 80).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Hard Rock, Progressive rock, Rock

Language:  English

4. Smash Mouth Artist

Steve Harwell, lead singer, died on September 4 (aged 56).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Alternative, Pop-Rock, Punk, Rock, Ska, Soundtrack

Language:  English

5. María Jiménez Artist

María Jiménez died on September 7 (aged 73).

Country:  Spain

Genres:  Flamenco, Pop

Language:  Spanish

6. Mylon LeFevre Artist

Mylon LeFevre died on September 8 (aged 78).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Christian Rock, Pop-Rock

Language:  English

Popular song:  I'm Flying #1 (For Fee)

7. Charlie Robison Artist

Charlie Robison died on September 10 (aged 59).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Country music

Language:  English

Popular song:  New Year's Day

Matthew Stewart, trumpeter, died on September 10 (aged 41).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Ska

Language:  English

Benito Castro, singer, died on September 11 (aged 77).

Country:  Mexico

Language:  Spanish

Popular song:  Yo sin ti

Yvonne Přenosilová died on September 11 (aged 76).

Country:  Czech Republic

Language:  Czech

Popular songs:  Boty proti lásceTak prázdnáJavory

11. MohBad Artist

MohBad (Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba) died on September 12 (aged 27).

Country:  Nigeria

Genres:  Hip-Hop/Rap, Singer-songwriter

Languages:  English, Yoruba

Popular song:  Feel Good

12. Beytocan Artist

Beytocan (Beytullah Güneri) died on September 12 (aged 67).

Country:  Sweden

Genre:  Pop-Folk

Language:  Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Brendan Croker died on September 12 (aged 67).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genre:  Country music

Language:  English

14. Roger Whittaker Artist

Roger Whittaker died on September 13 (aged 87).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genres:  Pop, Singer-songwriter

Languages:  German, English, French

15. Lakeside Artist

Fred Lewis, percussionist, died on September 14 (aged 72).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Funk, R&B/Soul

Language:  English

Popular song:  Fantastic Voyage

16. Patience & Prudence Artist

Prudence McIntyre died on September 15 (aged 78).

Country:  United States

Genre:  Children's Music

Language:  English

17. The Screaming Jets Artist

Paul Woseen, bass guitarist, died on September 15 (aged 56).

Country:  Australia

Genre:  Rock

Language:  English

Popular songs:  Helping HandOctober Grey

18. 702 Artist

Irish Grinstead, singer, died on September 16 (aged 43).

Country:  United States

Genre:  R&B/Soul

Languages:  English, Portuguese

19. Nikolay Dobronravov Artist

Nikolai Dobronravov died on September 16 (aged 94).

Country:  Russia

Genre:  Poetry

Language:  Russian

20. Milo Hrnić Artist

Milo Hrnić died on September 16 (aged 73).

Country:  Croatia

Genre:  Pop

Languages:  Croatian, Croatian (Chakavian dialect)

21. Soft Machine Artist

John Marshall, drummer, died on September 16 (aged 82).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genres:  Progressive rock, Rock

Language:  English

Pepe Domingo Castaño died on September 17 (aged 80).

Country:  Spain

Language:  Spanish

Popular songs:  NeniñaMi puebloMotivos

23. Dara Puspita Artist

Lies Adji Rachman, guitarist, died on September 17 (aged 78).

Country:  Indonesia

Genre:  Pop

Languages:  Indonesian, English

Popular songs:  SurabayaBurung KakaktuaA go go

Lou Deprijck died on September 19 (aged 77).

Country:  Belgium

Genre:  Reggae

Language:  French

25. Scream (USA) Artist

Kent Stax, drummer, died on September 20.

Country:  United States

Genre:  Punk

Language:  English

26. The Marvelettes Artist

Katherine Anderson died on September 20 (aged 79).

Country:  United States

Genres:  Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock 'n' Roll

Language:  English

Popular song:  Please Mr. Postman

27. Peter Horton Artist

Peter Horton died on September 22 (aged 82).

Country:  Austria

Languages:  German, German (Austrian/Bavarian), English

28. The Association Artist

Terry Kirkman, singer, died on September 23 (aged 83).

Country:  United States

Language:  English

Popular songs:  Never my LoveWindyCherish

29. Paulo André Barata Artist

Paulo André Barata died on September 25 (aged 77).

Country:  Brazil

Genre:  MPB

30. Najah Salam Artist

Najah Salam died on September 28 (aged 92).

31. Stephen Ackles Artist

Stephen Ackles died on September 28 (aged 57).

Country:  Norway

Genres:  Rock 'n' Roll, Singer-songwriter

Language:  English

Popular song:  Lost Again

32. Nektar Artist

Ron Howden, drummer, died on September 29 (aged 78).

Country:  United Kingdom

Genres:  Progressive rock, Psychedelic

Language:  English

Popular song:  A Tab in the Ocean