Artists whose parents are from another country: Part 2

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Artists whose parents are from another country: Part 2

Here is part 2 of Artists whose parents are from another country

Part 1:

Artist | Canada Jazz Pop

Paul's father was from Syria and his mother was from Lebanon

Mariska's father is from Hungary and her mother is from Germany

3. Greckoe

Both of Greckoe's parents are from Greece

Both of Tila's parents are from Vietnam

Artist | Hungary Poetry

His mother was from Slovakia and his father was from Serbia

Artist | Russia Opera Pop

Both of Edita's parents were from Poland

7. Medina
Artist | Denmark Pop

Medina's father is from Chile

Artist | Denmark

Alex's father is from Uruguay

Both of Anja's parents are from Denmark

10. Arlen Siu

Arlen's father was from China

Top song:  María Rural
11. Jade Ewen

Jade's mother is from Jamaica

Top 2 songs:  It's My Time My Man
12. Rim’K

Both of Rim'K's parents are from Algeria

Artist | France

Both of Lynda's parents are from Algeria

14. Meg & Dia

Meg and Dia's mother is from South Korea

Roger's father was from Romania

Cassandra's father is from the United States

17. Ewa Farna

Both of Ewa's parents are from Poland

18. Mahmood

Mahmood's father is from Egypt

Top 3 songs:  Barrio Soldi Rapide
19. Anna Oxa

Anna's father is from Albania

20. Mel B

Melanie's father was from Saint Kitts and Nevis

Jorja's father is from Jamaica

Neneh's father is from Sierra Leone

23. Martika
Artist | United States

Both of Martika's parents are from Cuba

24. Mero

Both of Mero's parents are from Turkey

Both of Loredana's parents are from Kosovo

Artist | Germany Nasheed

Both of Yahya's parents are from Lebanon

27. Ayọ
Artist | Germany R&B/Soul

Ayo's father is from Nigeria

Both of Roald's parents were from Norway

29. Nirvana

Bassist Chris Novoselic's parents are both from Croatia

Artist | Mexico Poetry

Frida's father was from Germany

Artist | Belgium Pop

Both of Claude's parents were from Italy

32. Pharao

Singer Claudia Banerjee's parents are from India and Egypt

33. MHD

His father is from Guinea and his mother is from Senegal

34. Dadju
Artist | France R&B/Soul

Both of Dadju's parents are from the democatic republic of the congo

Top 3 songs:  Jaloux Reine Compliqué

Both of his parents are from Algeria

Artist | France Pop

Both of Claudio's parents are from Italy

Top 3 songs:  Plus haut Ta main Ma jolie
37. Mabel

Mabel's mother is from Sweden

Emeli's father is from Zambia

Michael's parents are both from Uganda

Tanita's father is from Fiji and her mother is from Malaysia

43. Kim Leoni

One of kim's parents is from indonesia

Top 3 songs:  Medicine Emergency Go
Artist | Netherlands Pop

Glennis's father is from Curaçao

Artist | Netherlands Pop

Laura's mother was from Egypt

46. Naaz
Artist | Netherlands Pop

Naaz's parents are both from Iraq

Top 3 songs:  Do You? Loving Love Sadboy

Both of Xavier's parents are from South Africa

Leona's father is from Guyana

Artist | Cuba Pop

Camila's father is from Mexico

Top 3 songs:  Shameless Havana This Love

Lauren's parents are both from Cuba

Dinah's parents are both from Tonga

Pete's parents are both from Puerto rico

55. Tiiwtiiw

His parents are both from Morocco

Artist | United States

Both of Leyla's parents are from Haiti

Artist | Belarus Pop

Maimuna's father is from Mali

Top song:  Time
58. Cisilia
Artist | Denmark

Cisilia's parents are from Morocco and Macedonia

Artist | Canada

Both of Rajiv's parents are from India

Top song:  Kevin G. Rap
Artist | Ireland R&B/Soul

Samantha's father is from Zambia

Both of George's parents were from Greece

62. Amel Bent

Both of Amel's parents are from Algeria

63. Lil Pump

Both of his parents are from Colombia

Both of Jessie's parents are from Colombia

Both of Betta's parents are from Italy

Top 3 songs:  Bambola Kick the Door Play
Artist | France Pop

Both of Rosy's parents were from Armenia

67. Lefa

Lefa's father is from Senegal

Top 3 songs:  Bitch Fame Paradise

Jack's parents were from Canada (Quebec)

Both of her parents are from Saint Kitts and Nevis

Corinne's father was from Saint Kitts and Nevis

Artist | Netherlands Pop

Both of Stefania's parents are from Greece

Artist | France Folk Pop

Joyce's mother is from Tunisia

73. Titiyo

Titiyo's father is from Sierra Leone

Artist | Denmark Pop

One of Christina's parents is from Thailand

Both of Frankie's parents were from Slovenia

Both of Reem's parents are from Palestine

Jack's father is from Italy

Aluna's mother is from Belize

79. DJ Snake

Dj Snake's mother is from Algeria

80. Kate Nash

Kate's mother is from Ireland

Artist | Germany

Sandro's mother is from Greece and his father is from the US

Top 2 songs:  Running My Love for You
82. Nayer

Both of Nayer's parents are from Cuba

Top 2 songs:  Suave (Kiss Me) My body

Both of Frida's parents were from Italy

Artist | France Dance

Jessy's parents are both from the congo

85. Quynh Anh
Artist | Belgium Pop

Both of her parents are from Vietnam

86. Marina

Marina's father is from Greece

87. Gaitana

Gaitana's father is from the congo

88. Senhit
Artist | Italy Dance Pop

Both of Senhit's parents are from Eritrea

Top 3 songs:  Freaky! Obsessed Stand By

Ben's father is from Angola

Both of Eden's parents are from Ethiopia

Jessica's father is from Indonesia

Amir's parents are from Tunisia and Morocco

Artist | Austria

Vincent's parents are both from the philippines

Artist | Netherlands

Milly's parents were both from Suriname

Artist | Netherlands Pop

Hind's father is from Morocco

Anita's father is from Suriname and Ray's father is also from Suriname

Atiye's father is from turkey and her mother is from the netherlands

Top 3 songs:  Ya Habibi Sor Kal
Artist | Spain Pop

Najwa's father is from Jordan

Artist | France Pop

Her parents are both from Greece

Top song:  Un homme se blesse

David's mother is from Honduras

wisigothwisigoth    Wed, 13/11/2019 - 00:18

Serge Gainsbourg. Parents are jews from Russian Empire. The boy's name was Lucien, they chose it to show that they want to assimilate better. He changed it to Serge later

Zarina01Zarina01    Wed, 13/11/2019 - 00:24

I already put him on the first page

wisigothwisigoth    Wed, 13/11/2019 - 00:47

oops, my bad! thank you

wisigothwisigoth    Tue, 12/11/2019 - 21:55

Sándor Petefi Petőfi naturalised Hungarian national poet. Mother Slovak, father Serb. the poet was born as "Aleksandar Petrovich".

IsraelWuIsraelWu    Fri, 29/11/2019 - 14:50

Yves Montand - born in Italy, parents Italian

Zarina01Zarina01    Thu, 05/12/2019 - 17:09

True but he was born in italy as well, it would only count if he was born in France and his parents were from Italy.

IsraelWuIsraelWu    Thu, 05/12/2019 - 18:00

But of course, your collection, you call the shots - "This is a collection of artists who have parents (or a parent) who are immigrants (who is an immigrant)".
Still, his parents were immigrants, he arrived as a minor and started his career in France. Nobody mentioned in the definition that the artist has to be born in the country he started his career in (and think of the shock to some French :-).
Btw: with this definition it seems to me that Sandor Petofi's parents were not immigrants, just moved to another province of the same country (at that time) and all artists from French Islands at the Atlantic Ocean are French, belonging to a part of France "overseas"