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Artists whose parents are from another country: Part 3

Created by Zarina01 on 21 Dec 2020 | Last edited by Zarina01 on 28 Apr 2022
1. Cecile Artist

Her father is from Cameroon

Country:  Italy

Genre:  Electronica

Languages:  Italian, French, English

Popular songs:  Basta ca**ateDa 3N.E.G.R.A. (English)

2. Mikael Gabriel Artist

His father is from Sweden and his mother is from Estonia.

Country:  Finland

Genres:  Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop

Languages:  Finnish, English, Estonian

3. Elizaveta Artist

Elizaveta's parents are from Russia

Country:  Russia

Genres:  Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Opera, Pop, Rock, Singer-songwriter

Languages:  English, Russian

4. Ramin Djawadi Artist

Ramin's father is from Iran

Country:  Germany

Genre:  Soundtrack

Languages:  English, High Valyrian

5. Emilíana Torrini Artist

Emiliana's father is from Italy

Country:  Iceland

Genres:  Alternative, Electronica, Pop

Language:  English

6. Nicole Saba Artist

Nicole's mother is from Armenia

Country:  Lebanon

Genre:  Pop

Language:  Arabic

7. Måneskin Artist

Victoria's mother was from Denmark

Country:  Italy

Genres:  Alternative, Rock

Languages:  English, Italian

8. Imany Artist

Imany's parents are from Comoros

Country:  France

Genres:  Blues, Pop, R&B/Soul

Language:  English

9. Camélia Jordana Artist

Camélia's parents are from Algeria

Country:  France

Genre:  Singer-songwriter

Languages:  French, Arabic, Spanish

Popular songs:  Moi c'estFacileLe monde en main

10. Kamilla Ismailova Artist

Kamilla's father is from Azerbaijan

Country:  Russia

Genres:  Children's Music, Pop

Languages:  Russian, English, Italian

11. Sandra Kim Artist

Sandra's father is from Italy

Country:  Belgium

Genre:  New Wave

Languages:  French, Dutch, Italian, English

12. Les Nubians Artist

Hélène and Célia's mother is from Cameroon

Country:  France

Genre:  R&B/Soul

Language:  French

Popular songs:  SaravahTabouUnfaithful/Si Infidèle

Martija's dad is from Serbia

Country:  Macedonia

Genres:  Dance, Electronica, Electropop, Eurodance, Pop

Languages:  Macedonian, English

14. Zara (Russia) Artist

Zara's parents are Kurds from Armenia

Country:  Russia

Genres:  Folk, Opera, Pop

Languages:  Russian, Armenian, Kurdish (Kurmanji)

15. Sara James Artist

Sara's father is from Nigeria

Country:  Poland

Genre:  Pop

Languages:  Polish, English

Popular songs:  SomebodyLecęNie jest za późno

16. Patricia Kazadi Artist

Patricia's father is from the Congo

Country:  Poland

Genre:  Pop

Languages:  Polish, English

Popular songs:  Wanna Feel You NowHałasPrzerywam Sen

17. The Ting Tings Artist

Julian De Martino's father is from Italy

Country:  United Kingdom

Genre:  Punk

Language:  English