BamBam Discography

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BamBam Discography

BamBam (Hangul: 뱀뱀; Thai: แบมแบม) is a Thai singer-songwriter, composer and rapper under ABYSS Company.
He is a member of the boy group GOT7.
He made his solo debut on June 15, 2021 with his first mini album Ribbon.

1. BamBam Artist

Country:  Thailand

Genres:  Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop

Languages:  English, Korean, Thai

Popular songs:  riBBonSunshine (SunShine)Pandora

Song language:  English

Artist:  BamBam

Song languages:  English, Thai

Artist:  BamBam

Song language:  Korean

Artist:  BamBam

6. 𝕣𝕚𝓑𝓑𝕠𝕟 Collection

BamBam will have a mini-album called "𝕣𝕚𝓑𝓑𝕠𝕟" that will include a total of six songs, which he co-wrote a majority of the mini-album
It released on June 15, 2021 Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Pandora
3. Ribbon
4. Look So Fine
5. Air
6. Up The Sky

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