Non-Romantic Vol. 1 - CHEERFUL / Rock and pop

Created by BreezyDay on 07 Nov 2018 | Last edited by BreezyDay on 22 Nov 2018

Upbuilding, CHEERFUL but avoiding anything that arouses romantic or erotic feelings. Please avoid vulgarities. The best are uptempo.

Volume 2 will be for more serious songs. Volume 3 will be cheerful but oldies/vintage. Volume 4 will be world music like samba, bossa nova, salsa

I don't have a computer and I'm a slowpoke, so don't feel injured if I can't get to your suggestions quickly.

If you have the time, pls type a small description next to the link, maybe type the language, artist and song name.

This is for anyone who is trying to get their mind off romance/eros and needs cheering up. Hopefully the LT community can contribute songs more mature than the ones I started with. All languages welcome if the songs are cheerful.

Real World by Matchbox Twenty / Rob Thomas

If I Had a Million Dollars

Translations:  French German

Walk Like an Egyptian / The Bangles

Translations:  Serbian Arabic French 7 more

Stand / REM

Translations:  French Dutch

Birdhouse in Your Soul / They Might Be Giants - Silly

Translations:  German Italian

Ray of Light / Madonna

Translations:  Spanish Greek Italian 2 more

You Can Call Me Al / Paul Simon

Translations:  Spanish Serbian German 3 more

Keeping the Faith / Billy Joel

End of the Line / Traveling Wilburys

Translations:  German Romanian Greek
Song | English Sting

Englishman in New York by Sting

Translations:  Serbian Italian German 14 more

Funkytown / Lipps (disco)

Translations:  Turkish

Conga / Gloria Estefan

Translations:  French

Turn the Beat Around / Gloria Estefan (disco)

Watching the Detectives / Elvis Costello - Not uptempo, I made an exception with this one because lyrics are funny

Hairdresser on Fire / Smiths (Morrissey)

Die Another Day / Madonna

Translations:  Spanish Romanian Greek 6 more

Private Idaho / B-52's

Sir Duke / Stevie Wonder

Translations:  German

Footloose / Kenny Loggins

Top 2 songs:  Footloose Almost Paradise

Boy in the Bubble / Paul Simon

Translations:  German Spanish

Down Under / Men at Work

Translations:  Croatian German Romanian 7 more

Who Can It Be / Men at Work

Translations:  Italian Romanian German 6 more
Song | English Slade

Run Run Away / Slade - Make fun of me if you want but this is a high-energy, feel-good song!

Translations:  Russian