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'Demi" is the fourth studio album by American singer Demi Lovato. It was released on May 10, 2013, by Hollywood Records. Lovato wanted to make her fourth album to “have songs that excited her”. The album incorporates pop with elements of synthpop, and bubblegum pop. "Demi" received positive reviews from music critics, who complimented Lovato’s vocal performance. The album debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with the first-week sales of 110,000 copies—the highest first-week album sales of Lovato’s career. The album yielded four singles, “Heart Attack” peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Lovato’s third US top 10 single. Second single “Made in the USA” peaked at number 80, while later singles “Neon Lights” and “Really Don’t Care” both reached the top 40.

The lead single from Demi Lovato’s fourth studio album "Demi", “Heart Attack” is a song about being afraid to fall in love. Described by Lovato herself as “the reverse of ”Give Your Heart a Break,"“ this song thoroughly and accurately details the emotions one experiences as one free falls into love despite all efforts not to.

"Made in the USA" is the second single off of Demi Lovato’s self-titled album. It’s a simple love song with a star-spangled banner waving above it.

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“Neon Lights” is the third single off of Demi Lovato’s -self-titled album. It ironically outperformed "Made in the USA" on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s one of the more electro-pop-influenced songs, and it’s a simple two-prong love song.

This entire song is to Trenton Cole Stout, who was one of Demi’s best friends that hung himself. She considers him her guardian angel.

The guy seems to have left Demi, and she wants him back. He went to chase a dream perhaps? And she’s just telling him that she will always be there in case he changed his mind.

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“Really Don’t Care” is the fourth single from her self-titled fourth studio album Demi. It accumulated the most views of all the songs Lovato streamed from the album prior to its release, and was also considered the best-selling song on the album.

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This song, purported to be about her late, estranged father and described by Lovato as “emotional,” is about the pain that comes with difficult relationships. Demi wrote this song before her father passed away. She had already written two songs about her father before this one: the unreleased song “Open”, which she wrote when she was 13, and “For The Love Of A Daughter”, in which she begged her father to stop drinking so he could have a loving relationship with his daughter. In “Shouldn’t Come Back”, Demi seems to have given up on their relationship.

In this song Demi Lovato expresses that she wants to move on without letting her past (or maybe even her abusive father) disturb her any further. Even though she knows that she’ll never be able to forget about her past because she not only has metaphorical but also real scars, this song shows a very determined side because Demi is sure that nothing and no one can hurt her as much as it used to.

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Demi seems to have conflicting emotions about the person in question. One second she can’t stand them, and the next, she wants them by her side. The relationship seems to be toxic, as there is a lack of trust, but neither one of them want to let go of it. The theme of this song is similar to the theme of “Only Forever”, a song on her 2017 album titled, “Tell Me You Love Me."

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“Give Me Love” is a song that was originally by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was then covered by Demi Lovato during an iHeartRadio performance on April 14, 2014. She also performed the song in the UK during a Capital FM session on June 3, 2014. Just days later, she went on to sing it as a duet with Ed Sheeran at My Big Night Out on June 16, 2014.

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