Demi Lovato - DEMI (2013) [Tracklist]

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Demi Lovato - DEMI (2013) [Tracklist]

"DEMI" is the fourth studio album by Demi Lovato.

Released: May 10, 2013
Genre: Pop
💿 Format: CD, Digital download

▪ Demi Lovato chronology:
Give Your Heart a Break (EP) [2012] ← DEMI (2013) → Heart Attack Remixes (EP) [2013]

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📹 Official video

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Target bonus track and Latin American deluxe edition.

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UK bonus tracks

Manhattan Clique Edit Remix (Japan bonus track):

The Alias Radio Remix (Japan deluxe edition bonus track):

Belanger Remix (Japan deluxe edition bonus track):

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With Olly Murs (International deluxe edition)

📹 Official video (International deluxe edition)
Note: Song from Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen

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