Created by sodiumforsaltytimes on 13 Feb 2021

DUALITY is the first digital solo album by I.M, lead rapper of k-pop group MONSTA X. The album will be released on the 19th of February, 2021. I.M is known by k-pop fans for the duality in his personality and appearance. He's a strong lower tone rapper but also sings; and good. He can be very sexy or very cute—and as he said himself, this solo album also goes into the duality of emotions. He said that as an idol, he has to smile because of his position—even when he's sad. He wants to express the concept of duality in many ways within this album. He wrote and composed all of the songs on the album—along with help of his fellow songwriters and composers.

1. God Damn
2. Howlin'
3. Burn
4. Happy to Die
5. 시든 꽃 (Flower-ed)

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