El Dorado (Deluxe Version)

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"El Dorado" is the eleventh studio album by Colombian singer Shakira, released on May 26 2017.

Shakira worked with longtime collaborator Luis Fernando Ochoa and producers Supa Dups, Rude Boyz and The Arcade; the album is mainly sung in Spanish, with three songs in English. The album has a mixture of different rhytms, as latin pop, reggaeton, bachata and vallenato and features six vocal collaborations: two with Colombian singer Maluma, and one each with Nicky Jam, Carlos Vives, Prince Royce, Black M, and Magic!. Most of its songs are inspired by Shakira’s personal life and relationship with her boyfriend, spanish soccer player, Gerard Piqué.

The album peaked at number one on the US Top Latin Albums and number fifteen on the Billboard 200 chart and it’s been certified four times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album, making it Shakira’s third Grammy win.

“Me Enamoré” is a very personal song that entails what it was like when Shakira met her husband, Gerard Piqué, for the first time. It has an upbeat tempo which corresponds to her excitement that she felt at the time of meeting him. It appears on her eleventh studio album “El Dorado” alongside other personal love songs from when she fell in love with her husband.

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"Nada" is a powerful pop-rock track from Shakira’s eleventh studio album El Dorado. She posted a preview of Nada followed by a studio clip from its recording sessions on her interactive app El Dorado. The song serves as the signature of Shakira’s DREAM perfume. The music video was released a year later on November 3, 2018.

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the lead single from her eleventh album El Dorado on October 28, 2016, after a series of clues posted on her instagram account. The song features reggaeton artist Maluma, who is also from Colombia. The official video for the song premiered on November 18, 2016. The music video became Vevo Certified after reaching over 100 million views and it is the fastest-ever Spanish-language video to reach that milestone.

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“When a Woman” is a song which appears on Shakira’s album, "El Dorado". She confirmed the title in a Twitter post on March 12th, 2017.

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“Amarillo" (English: Yellow) is the 5th track on Shakira’s eleventh album El Dorado, released on Friday, May 26, 2017. In the song, Shakira tells how much she loves her husband, Gerard Piqué, and the way he makes her see her life full of colors.

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The sixth song and third single from Shakira’s eleventh album "El Dorado", “Perro Fiel” describes the singer doubt on falling in love with someone who promises to be with her unconditionally as long as she gives him an answer as soon as possible.

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“Trap” is the 7th track on Shakira’s eleventh album "El Dorado", released on Friday, May 26, 2017. As it’s name suggests, the song has heavy influences of the trap genre. It features the Colombian singer-songwriter Maluma. Maluma was also featured on the lead single “Chantaje."

“Deja vu” es uno de los temas incluidos en FIVE, quinto disco del artista de bachata, Prince Royce. La canción era una de las más esperadas desde antes de su lanzamiento debido a que se trata de un dueto y la primera vez que el norteamericano colabora con Shakira. El tema esa una bachata romántica de desamor. El término “déjà vu” que da título a la canción proviene del francés y significa “ya visto antes”, es una expresión que se utiliza para calificar una experiencia que ya hemos vivido con anterioridad. Prince Royce colgó el primer fragmento de la canción en su Instagram, horas antes de su estreno en todos los servicios de streaming.

“What We Said” is a song by Latin artist Shakira featuring Canadian reggae fusion band, MAGIC! and is the English version of “Comme moi” by French rapper Black M.

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Toneladas is a song included in Shakira’s 11th studio album El Dorado. She revealed a preview of the song on May 17, 2017.

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“Try Everything” by Shakira is the official theme song from Disney’s animated film, Zootopia. Shakira does the voice for a character named Gazelle, who is a pop star from the city of Zootopia, and also holds a peaceful protest and publicly asks for the harmonious Zootopia she loves and cherishes to be restored. Gazelle is also the only Zootopia character to be voiced by the same actor, Shakira in the English and Latin American Spanish dubs of the movie. The song topped charts in Singapore, Japan, Lebanon, and the US, and earned high placements in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Belgium, South Korea, and Algeria.

“Try Everything” is featured twice in Zootopia. The first instance is when Judy Hopps, a rabbit from small town Bunnyburrow, heads to the big city of Zootopia to become a cop. The song is played as Judy is on the train, listening on her iPod. The second instance is at the finale of the movie, when most of the characters in the movie attend a Gazelle concert. The credits roll over footage of the concert, while Gazelle sings and a band of male tigers dance alongside her.

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This urban latin, reggae-infused jam marks Shakira’s third collaboration with trap and reggaeton crooner, Maluma after their two previous hits, “Chantaje” and “Trap”–both released from her album El Dorado. The song’s general theme revolves around attempting to maintain a romantic relationship a secret, while implying a possible illicit element of their fling which may be prohibiting them from being together.

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