Eurovision 2018 Other Language Versions

Created by Даниил В. on 12 May 2018 | Last edited by Даниил В. on 20 May 2018

This is a collection of Eurovision 2018 songs that have other versions in different languages.

Moldova's "Lucky Day" sung by DoReDos in Russian

Translations:  English Transliteration

Cyprus' "Fuego" sung by Eleni Foureira in Spanish

Translations:  English Greek Italian 3 more

Lithuania's "When we're old" sung by Ieva Zasimauskaitė in Lithuanian

Translations:  English French Finnish 1 more

France's "Mercy" sung by Madame Monsieur in English

Translations:  Spanish Croatian German

Belarus' "Forever" sung by Alekseev in Russian

Translations:  Spanish Croatian German

France's "Mercy" sung by Madame Monsieur in Spanish

Translations:  English