Farmers' Platform[किसान मंच]

Created by SAKAE on 25 Dec 2020 | Collaborators: maluca, Alma Barroca, sandring, BlackSea4ever, líadan, esraa., Smight | Last edited by SAKAE on 06 Jan 2021

This idea was suggested by [@sandring].

The gentleman on the forum had asked a question and made a point, I did not really know the matter in its core, so, I decided to go to the protest sites. I could manage only 3 in Delhi but that experience was really very moving. The people there are angry(they are protesting after all) but really disciplined, they go to sleep by 9:00PM and wake-up by 4:00AM, people are assigned duties based on voluntary service. There are a lot of people from various different walks of life, young, old, rich, poor, privileged, not-as-priviledged and more. It is freezing cold and on the asphalt of the roads it feels much colder but people have a very strong will, a determination that I haven't seen up till this point in my life. There is a huge population gathered there, they fear that the current pandemic might kill them, but they are still ready to risk death for what they believe is the right thing to do. There are a lot of different kinds of people here, not just farmers, there are labour unions, lawyers, former military servicemen, small business owners, religious figures, wageworkers, athletes, sportsperson, doctors, engineers, unemployed people, professors, lecturers, economists, and most importantly common people whom I interacted with and tried to get their opinion. This has, somehow, made people come closer and make them exchange ideas and create a steady resolve. One common message that everyone has is that they will not budge. Sikhs are contributing as they do around the world, I had a small chat with a person from Khalsa Aid who said that he had been in Afghanistan in 2018 when a Gurdwara was attacked and their seva in Kabul. They were really calm and composed, but determined to serve. There are langars after every few paces and people serve you with a smile. Everyone has with them a supply that would last about 6 to 9 months but very few have actually used them as the locals are providing a lot of the rations voluntarily. The look on their faces does not make you believe that this is a protest, what made me realise that was they have left home and made it this far.
I support the farmers and everybody else here.

आंदोलन ही लोकतंत्र का प्रमाण है

The Anthem for the Farmers of Punjab and Haryana

Song languages:  Hindi, Other, Punjabi

Artist:  Shree Brar

A German Song in Solidarity Contributed by [@maluca]

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Artist:  Ton Steine Scherben

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A Russian Song contributed by [@sandring]

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A Portugese Song contributed by [@Alma Barroca]

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Artist:  Homens da Luta

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A Russian Song contributed by [@BlackSea4ever]

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Artist:  Nikolay Baskov

A Spanish Song contributed by [@líadan]

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A Turkish Song contributed by [@esraa.]

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An English(American) Song contributed by [@Lucifer]
Consider it is a preservation on identity.

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Artist:  The Charlie Daniels Band

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