FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Songs

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Songs

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Official Song 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Translations:  Spanish Turkish Arabic 2 more

Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Translations:  Serbian Romanian Turkish 1 more

beIN SPORTS FIFA 2018 World Cup Anthem

Translations:  Turkish

Spanish national team’s official song feat. Sergio Ramos

Song | Polish Kombii

The World Cup hymn of Poland

Translations:  English
Song | Polish Pectus

Song for Poland's team

Translations:  English

The song of Swedish team

Translations:  English

It was chosen as the official song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by the German public broadcaster Das Erste. It will be played during all live broadcastings from the World Cup.

World Cup song of German TV channel ZDF

Song for Germany

Translations:  English

Song for Mexican team

Song for Peruvian team

Translations:  English

Icelanding song

Song for Brazilian team

Translations:  Russian English

Song for Argentina's team