Finnish Communist Music

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 Finnish Communist Music

Songs of the Finnish Communist movement.
The photo shows the emblem of the Communist party of Finland (Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue, SKP). The party was founded on August 29, 1918 at the founding congress held in Moscow. Since its creation, the SKP has operated in Finland on an illegal basis, with its Central Committee located in Petrograd. Its activities in Finland were prohibited until 1944, and its members were imprisoned. After the war, it was legalized, and the number of Party members increased significantly. In the nineties, the party was finally dissolved.
The collection itself mainly features artists such as Agit Prop and KOM-teatteri, who influenced Finland in the seventies.
And also the songs written by such left-wing Finns as Kay Chydenius, Matti Rossi, Eero Ojanen.