Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 (JESC 2003)

Created by Ivan U7n on 01 Mar 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003. It took place on 15 November 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

01. Greece: Nicolas Ganopoulos with “Fili gia panta” [Φίλοι για πάντα] in Greek was placed 8th with 53 points

02. Croatia: Dino Jelušić with “Ti si moja prva ljubav” in Croatian was placed 1st with 134 points

Translations:  German English Japanese

03. Cyprus: Theodora Rafti with “Mia efhi” [Μια ευχή] in Greek was placed 14th with 16 points

Translations:  Transliteration English

04. Belarus: Volha Satsiuk with “Tantsuy” [Танцуй] in Belarusian was placed 4th with 103 points

05. Latvia: Dzintars Čīča with “Tu esi vasarā” in Latvian was placed 9th with 37 points

06. Macedonia: Marija (Arsovska) & Viktorija (Loba) with “Ti ne me poznavaš” [Ти не ме познаваш] in Macedonian were placed 12th with 19 points

Translations:  English Transliteration

07. Poland: Kasia Żurawik with “Coś mnie nosi” in Polish was placed 16th with 3 points

Song | Norwegian 2U

08. Norway: “2U” with “Sinnsykt gal forelsket” in Norwegian were placed 13th with 18 points

09. Spain: Sergio (Jesús García) with “Desde el cielo” in Spanish was placed 2nd with 125 points

Translations:  English Japanese
Song | Romanian Bubu

10. Romania: Bubu [Andrei Mihai Cernea] with “Tobele sunt viaţa mea” in Romanian was placed 10th with 35 points

Song | Dutch X!NK

11. Belgium: “X!NK” in “De vriendschapsband” in Dutch was placed 6th with 83 points

Translations:  English

12. United Kingdom: Tom Morley with “My Song for the World” in English was placed 3rd with 118 points

13. Denmark: Anne Gadegaard with “Arabiens drøm” in Danish was placed 5th with 93 points

Translations:  English Swedish

14. Sweden: “The Honeypies” with “Stoppa mig” in Swedish were placed 15th with 12 points

15. Malta: Sarah Harrison with “Like a Star” in English was placed 7th with 56 points

16. Netherlands: Roel (Felius) with “Mijn ogen zeggen alles” in Dutch was placed 11th with 23 points

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