Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (JESC 2005)

Created by Ivan U7n on 27 Feb 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 – “Let’s Get Loud”. It took place on 26 November 2005 in Hasselt, Belgium.

01. Greece: Alexandros (Chountas) & Kalli (Georgelli) with “Tora einai i seira mas” [Tώρα είναι η σειρά μας] in Greek were placed 6th with points 88 points

Translations:  English Transliteration

02. Denmark: Nicolai (Kielstrup) with “Shake Shake Shake” in Danish was placed 4th with 121 points

03. Croatia: Lorena Jelusić with “Rock Baby” in Croatian was placed 12th with 36 points

04. Romania: Alina Eremia with “Țurai!” in Romanian was placed 5th with 89 points

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05. United Kingdom: Joni Fuller with “How Does It Feel?” in English was placed 14th with 28 points

Song | Swedish M+

06. Sweden: “M+” with “Gränslös kärlek” in Swedish were placed 15th with 22 points

Translations:  English Norwegian Danish

07. Russia: Vladislav Krutskikh with “Doroga k solntsu” [Дорога к солнцу] in Russian was placed 9th with 66 points

08. Macedonia: Denis Dimoski with “Rodendenski baknež” [Роденденски бакнеж] in Macedonian was placed 8th with 68 points

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09. Netherlands: Tess (Gaerthé) with “Stupid” in Dutch was placed 7th with 82 points

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10. Serbia and Montenegro: Filip Vučić with “Ljubav pa fudbal” [Љубав па фудбал] in Montenegrin was placed 13th with 29 points

11. Latvia: “Kids4Rock” with “Es esmu maza jauka meitene” in Latvian were placed 11th with 50 points

12. Belgium: Lindsay (Daenen) with “Mes rêves” in French was placed 10th with 63 points

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13. Malta: Thea (Saliba) & Friends with “Make It Right!” in English were placed 16th with 18 points

14. Norway: Malin (Reitan) with “Sommer og skolefri” in Norwegian were placed 3rd with 123 points

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15. Spain: Antonio José (Sanchéz Mazuecos) with “Te traigo flores” in Spanish was placed 2nd with 146 points

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16. Belarus: Ksenia Sitnik with “My vmeste” [Мы вместе] in Russian was placed 1st with 149 points