Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (JESC 2007)

Created by Ivan U7n on 25 Feb 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 – “Make A Big Splash”. It took place on 8 December 2007 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

01. Georgia: Mariam Romelashvili with “Odelia Ranuni” [ოდელია რანუნი] in Georgian was placed 4th with 116 points

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02. Belgium: “Trust” with “Anders” in Dutch were placed 15th with 19 points

03. Armenia: “Arevik” with “Erazanq” [Երազանք] in Armenian were placed 2nd with 136 points

04. Cyprus: Yiorgos Ioannides with “I mousiki dinei ftera” [Η μουσική δίνει φτερά] in Greek was placed 14th with 29 points

05. Portugal: Jorge Leiria with “Só quero é cantar” in Portuguese was placed 16th with 15 points

06. Russia: Alexandra Golovchenko with “Otlichnitsa” [Отличница] in Russian was placed 6th with 105 points

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07. Romania: “4Kids” with “Sha-la-la” in Romanian were placed 10th with 54 points

08. Bulgaria: “Bon-Bon” with “Bonbolandiya” [Бонболандия] in Bulgarian were placed 7th with 86 points

09. Serbia: Nevena Božović with “Piši mi” [Пиши ми] in Serbian was placed 3rd with 120 points

Song | Dutch O'G3NE

10. Netherlands: Lisa (Vol), Amy (Vol) & Shelley (Vol) with “Adem in, adem uit” in Dutch were placed 11th with 39 points

11. Macedonia: Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski with “Ding Ding Dong” [Динг Динг Донг] in Macedonian were placed 5th with 111 points

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12. Ukraine: Ilona Halytska with “Urok hlamuru” [Урок гламуру] in Ukrainian was placed 9th with 56 points

13. Sweden: Frida Sandén with “Nu eller aldrig” in Swedish was placed 8th with 83 points

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Song | English Cute

14. Malta: “Cute” with “Music” in English were placed 12th with 37 points

15. Greece: “Made in Greece” with “Kapou berdeftika” [Καποu μπερδεύτηκα] in Greek were placed 17th with 14 points

16. Lithuania: Lina Joy [Lina Jurevičiūtė] with “Kai miestas snaudžia” in Lithuanian was placed 13th with 33 points

17. Belarus: Alexey Zhigalkovich with “S druz'yami” [С друзьями] in Russian was placed 1st with 137 points

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