Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 (JESC 2008)

Created by Ivan U7n on 24 Feb 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 – “Fun In The Sun”. It took place on 22 November 2008 in Lemesos, Cyprus.

01. Romania: Mădălina (Lefter) & Andrada (Popa) with “Salvaţi planeta!” in Romanian were placed 9th with 58 points

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02. Armenia: Monica Manucharova with “Im ergi hnchyune” [Իմ երգի հնչյունը] in Armenian was placed 8th with 59 points

03. Belarus: Dasha (Nadina), Alina (Molash) & Karyna (Zhukovich) with “Serdtse Belarusi” [Сердце Беларуси] in Russian+ were placed 6th with 86 points

04. Russia: Mihail Puntov with “Spit angel” [Спит ангел] in Russian was placed 7th with 73 points

05. Greece: Niki Yiannouchu with “Kapoia nychta” [Καποια νύχτα] in Greek was placed 14th with 19 points

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06. Georgia: “Bzikebi” with “Bzz…” in an imaginary language were placed 1st with 154 points

07. Belgium: Oliver (Symons) with “Shut Up” in Dutch was placed 11th with 45 points

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08. Bulgaria: Krastyana Krasteva with “Edna mechta” [Една мечта] in Bulgarian was placed 15th with 15 points

09. Serbia: Maja Mazić with “Uvek kad u nebo pogledam” [Увек кaд у небо погледaм] in Serbian was placed 12th with 37 points

10. Malta: Daniel Testa with “Junior Swing” in English was placed 4th with 100 points

11. Netherlands: Marissa (Grasdijk) with “1 dag” in Dutch was placed 13th with 27 points

12. Ukraine: Viktoria Petryk with “Matrosy” [Матроси] in Ukrainian was placed 2nd with 135 points

13. Lithuania: Eglė Jurgaitytė with “Laiminga diena” in Lithuanian was placed 3rd with 103 points

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14. Macedonia: Bobi Andonov with “Prati mi SMS” [Прати ми СМС] in Macedonian was placed 5th with 93 points

15. Cyprus: Elena Mannouri & Charis Savva with “Gioupi gia!” [Γιούπι για!] in Greek were placed 10th with 46 points

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