Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 (JESC 2010)

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All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 – “Feel The Magic”. It took place on 20 November 2010 in Minsk, Belarus.

01. Lithuania: Bartas [Nojus Bartaška] with “Oki Doki” in Lithuanian was placed 6th with 67 points

02. Moldova: Ștefan Roșcovan with “Ali Baba” in Romanian+ was placed 8th with 54 points

03. Netherlands: Anna (Lagerweij) & Senna (Sitalsing) with “My Family” in Dutch+ were placed 9th with 52 points

04. Serbia: Sonja Škorić with “Čarobna noć” [Чаробна ноћ] in Serbian was placed 3rd with 113 points

Translations:  English Transliteration

05. Ukraine: Yulia Gurska with “Miy litak” [Мій літак] in Ukrainian was placed 14th with 28 points

06. Sweden: Josefine Ridell with “Allt jag vill ha” in Swedish was placed 11th with 48 points

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07. Russia: Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin with “Boy and Girl” in Russian were placed 2nd with 119 points

08. Latvia: Šarlote (Lēnmane) with “Viva la Dance” in Latvian was placed 10th with 51 points

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09. Belgium: Jill (Van Vooren) & Lauren (De Ruyck) with “Get Up!” in Dutch+ were placed 7th with 61 points

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10. Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan with “Mama” [Մամա] in Armenian was placed 1st with 120 points

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11. Malta: Nicole Azzopardi with “Knock! Knock!… Boom! Boom!” in English, Maltese was placed 13th with 35 points

12. Belarus: Daniil Kozlov with “Muzyki svet” [Музыки свет] in Russian was placed 5th with 85 points

13. Georgia: Mariam Kakhelishvili with “Mari-Dari” in an imaginary language was placed 4th with 109 points

14. Macedonia: Anja Veterova with “Еооо, Еооо” in Macedonian was placed 12th with 38 points

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