Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (JESC 2012)

Created by Ivan U7n on 21 Jan 2018 | Last edited by Ivan U7n on 24 Feb 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – “Break The Ice”. It took place on 1 December 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

01. Belarus: Egor Zheshko with “A more-more” [А море-море] in Russian was placed 9th with 56 points

Translations:  English

02. Sweden: Lova Sönnerbo with “Mitt mod” in Swedish was placed 6th with 70 points

Translations:  English Finnish Spanish 3 more

03. Azerbaijan: Omar (Sultanov) & Suada (Alekperova) with “Girls and Boys” in Azerbaijani+ were placed 11th with 49 points

04. Belgium: Fabian (Feyaerts) with “Abracadabra” in Dutch was placed 5th with 72 points

Translations:  Turkish

05. Russia: Lerika [Valeriia Engalycheva] with “Sensation” in Russian+ was placed 4th with 88 points

Translations:  Turkish Azerbaijani

06. Israel: “Kids.il” with “Let the Music Win” in Hebrew were placed 8th with 68 points

07. Albania: Igzidora Gjeta with “Kam një këngë vetëm për ju” in Albanian was placed 12th with 35 points

08. Armenia: “Compass Band” with “Sweetie Baby” in Armenian+ were placed 3rd with 98 points

09. Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk with “Nebo” [Небо] in Ukrainian+ was placed 1st with 138 points

10. Georgia: “The Funkids” with “Funky Lemonade” in Georgian+ were placed 2nd with 103 points

Translations:  Transliteration

11. Moldova: Denis Midone with “Toate vor fi” in Romanian+ was placed 10th with 52 points

Translations:  Turkish

12. Netherlands: Femke (Meines) with “Tik Tak Tik” in Dutch was placed 7th with 69 points

Translations:  Turkish