Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (JESC 2013)

Created by Ivan U7n on 21 Jan 2018 | Last edited by Ivan U7n on 24 Feb 2018

All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – “Be Creative”. It took place on 30 November 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

01. Sweden: Eliias (Elffors Elfström) with “Det är dit vi ska” in Swedish was placed 9th with 46 points

Translations:  English Finnish Dutch 1 more

02. Azerbaijan: Rustam Karimov with “Me and My Guitar” in Azerbaijani+ was placed 7th with 66 points

Translations:  English Turkish Russian

03. Armenia: Monica Avanesyan with “Choco Factory” in Armenian+ was placed 6th with 69 points

Translations:  English Transliteration

04. San Marino: Michele Perniola with “O-o-O Sole intorno a me” in Italian was placed 10th with 42 points

Translations:  English

05. Macedonia: Barbara Popović with “Ohrid i muzika” [Охрид и музика] in Macedonian was placed 12th with 19 points

06. Ukraine: Sofia Tarasova with “We Are One” in Ukrainian+ was placed 2nd with 121 points

07. Belarus: Ilya Volkov with “Poy so mnoy” [Пой со мной] in Russian was placed 3rd with 108 points

08. Moldova: Rafael Bobeica with “Cum să fim” in Romanian+ was placed 11th with 41 points

09. Georgia: “The Smile Shop” with “Give Me Your Smile” in Georgian+ were placed 5th with 91 points

Translations:  English Transliteration

10. Netherlands: Mylène (Waalewijn) & Rosanne (Waalewijn) with “Double Me” in Dutch+ were placed 8th with 59 points

Translations:  English Spanish

11. Malta: Gaia Cauchi with “The Start” in English was placed 1st with 130 points

Translations:  Finnish Turkish Dutch 5 more

12. Russia: Dayana Kirillova with “Dream On” in Russian was placed 4th with 106 points