Mando Diao 🇸🇪 – 06 – "Infruset" (Album Tracklist)

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Mando Diao 🇸🇪 – 06 – "Infruset" (Album Tracklist)

The sixth studio album by Mando Diao was released in 2012. It was their first album to reach the top of the Swedish album charts and was certified four times platinum, which is the band's highest sales certification in any country. Being their first album recorded in Swedish, it was much less of a success internationally and their lowest selling studio album since their debut "Bring 'Em In". However, it is also Mando Diao's only album to date that charted in Norway.

The following editions with different track listings have been released:

💿 original album
💿 gold edition [GE]

Additional tracks on GE:

13 - "En Sångarsaga" (demo version)
14 - "Den självslagne" (demo version)
15 - "Snigelns visa" (demo version)
16 - "Infruset" (demo version)
17 - "Men" (demo version)
18 - "Strövtåg i hembygden" (demo version)
19 - "Titania" (demo version)

All tracks written by Björn Dixgård and Gustaf Norén.

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Track 01

Translations:  German

Track 02

📻 third single

Translations:  German

Track 03

Translations:  German

Track 04

📻 second single

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Track 05

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Track 06

📻 first single

Translations:  English German Norwegian 4 more

Track 07

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Track 08

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Track 09

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Track 10

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Track 11 [GE]

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Track 12 [GE]