The Mickey Mouse Club

Created by maluca on 17 Oct 2020

A collection of artists that started their careers at the Micky Mouse Club.
The Mickey Mouse Club is an American variety television show that aired intermittently from 1955 to 1996 and returned to social media in 2017.

1. Annette Funicello Artist

Mouseketeer in the 1955–1959 show

Country:  United States

Genres:  Pop, Soundtrack

Language:  English

2. Christina Aguilera Artist

1989–1994 revival, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club

Country:  United States

Genres:  Opera, Pop, R&B/Soul

Languages:  English, Spanish, Latin

Popular songs:  HurtGenie in a BottleHaunted Heart

3. Ryan Gosling Artist

Country:  Canada

Genres:  Pop, Soundtrack

Language:  English

Popular songs:  Put Me in the CarUnicorn Tears

4. Britney Spears Artist

Country:  United States

Genres:  Dance, Disco, Electronica, Electropop, Pop, Singer-songwriter

Languages:  English, French, Spanish

Popular songs:  CriminalToxic...Baby One More Time

5. Justin Timberlake Artist

Country:  United States

Genre:  Pop

Language:  English

Popular songs:  MirrorsSexy BackSay Something