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Minnesang, was a tradition of lyric and song-writing in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that flourished in the Middle High German period. Here is a list of some notable and famous Minnesängers.

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Artist | Germany Folk

Born: 1190 Bavaria, Germany
Died: 1237 Austria

One of the most famous Minnesängers of his time. Very popular amongst the people of the higher and lower class.

Born: 1170 Austria
Died: 1230 Würzburg

The Greatest German Poet to have ever lived. He was a very loyal man to many nobles and dukes.

Artist | Germany Folk

Born: 1115, Upper Austria
Died: 1171

He was Early Minnesänger who started the period of Minnesäng. He is also known for using "Tagelied" a traditional love story form.

Born: Sangerhausen, Germany
Died: 1222 Leipzig, Germany

He belong to a class of Minor Knights or as a Retired Knight. He belonged to the monastery of St Thomas in Leipzig, Saxony. Later on he went to a trip to India, when he came back he died. He is also attributed with the creation and introduction of the "Tagelied" with Dietmar von Aist

Artist | Germany

Born: 1150
Died: Akşehir, Turkey May 6, 1190

He was in the court for Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick I, Barbarossa and Philip Augustus. He imitated many French nobles, that he and Heinrich von Veldeke introduced a hybrid of German and French poetry with much spirit in it. Friedrich died in the Battle of Philomelium in present-day Akşehir, Turkey, he fell off his horse while fleeing from the Turks, the whole army mourned his death.