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Movies from 80s (OST)

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1. Grease 2 (OST) (1982) Collection

Released: June 11, 1982
Recorded: 1981
Genre: Rock and roll
Length: 32:28
Label: RSO, Polydor

About movie: Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer) is the leader of Rydell High School's Pink Ladies, a gang of girls who are counterparts of the school's group of greasers called the T-Birds. Stephanie is tired of her relationship with top T-Bird Johnny Nogerelli (Adrian Zmed), so she breaks up with him and quickly catches the eye of English exchange student Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield). Hoping to win her over, Michael tries to overcome his nerdy ways while holding off the jealous Johnny.

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Released: United States June 1983
United Kingdom July 1983
Recorded: 1977 ("Stayin' Alive"), February–March 1983
Genre: Rock, soft rock, dance
Label RSO Records

Sequel to Saturday night fever

About movie:
Six years after his glittering triumph in the disco dance contest of "Saturday Night Fever," an older and wiser Tony Manero (John Travolta) works as a serious dance teacher in New York City and dreams of making it on Broadway. Manero gets his shot when his girlfriend, Jackie (Cynthia Rhodes), gets him an audition for a daring new show called "Satan's Alley." Manero lands a part as a backup dancer and falls back into old habits as he lusts after Broadway bad girl Laura (Finola Hughes).

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3. Footloose (OST) (1984) Collection

Released: January 31, 1984
Recorded: 1983–84
Genre: AOR, pop, rock, synthpop
Length: 36:25
Label Columbia

About movie: It tells the story of Ren McCormack, a teenager from Chicago who moves to a small town, where he attempts to overturn the ban on dancing instituted by the efforts of a local minister.

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Singer: Fiona, Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett
Released: October 20, 1987
Genre: Rock
Length: 34:45
Format: LP, CD, cassette
Label Columbia

About movie: A reclusive musician, once a huge rock star, takes a young female protegee. While on a tour she meets a younger, more popular rocker and switches her loyalties.

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5. Salsa (OST) (1988) Collection

Released: 1988
Genre: latin, pop, rock, dance
Format: cassette, CD, descarga digital
Label MCA records

About movie: In a nightly escape from his day job as a mechanic, Rico (Robby Rosa) enters his true element: the wild exuberance of "La Luna" , a salsa club located in East Los Angeles, California. Dreaming of making himself and Vicky (Angela Alvarado), his girlfriend the "King and Queen of Salsa", Rico pours all his energy into winning La Luna's Grand Salsa Competition. But when Luna (Miranda Garrison), the club's gorgeous owner sets her sights on making Rico her dance partner, Rico must decide what drives him, his ambition or his heart.

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