Music videos filmed in LATIN AMERICA

Created by florquinn on 04 Feb 2019 | Last edited by florquinn on 18 Feb 2019

Official music videos filmed in different countries from Latin America

• The location of the video should be different than the nationality of the artist.
For instance, if the artist is Brazilian, the video must have been filmed in other country but Brazil.

• Outdoor videos. Should show landscapes or different parts of the city where has been filmed. (if the video is mostly indoors, it's not gonna be accepted)

Río de Janeiro - Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Translations:  English Czech

Bariloche, Río Negro - Argentina

Translations:  English French Dutch 1 more

Machu Pichu - Peru

Translations:  English Italian Serbian 9 more
Song | Finnish Robin

Dominican Republic

Translations:  English Swedish Slovak 2 more
Song | English Mika

Santiago - Chile

Translations:  Greek Italian Spanish 2 more

Havana - Cuba

Translations:  Greek

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Translations:  Turkish German Spanish 5 more
florquinnflorquinn    Sat, 09/02/2019 - 01:11

No sabia que habían grabado un video acá en Buenos Aires, ¡Que bueno! . Gracias, ya lo agregué a la lista Regular smile

florquinnflorquinn    Sat, 09/02/2019 - 01:12

I've already changed the video, thank you! Regular smile