My favourite music [Dark pop/Pop/Electronica]

Created by swedensour on 13 May 2019

Have you ever wondered what kind of music that I listen to? Probably not, but here's a collection anyway. I hope you can find something you like on this playlist.

(I can't make this alphabetical anymore since it won't let me move the songs around)

Song | English EZI

Translations:  Turkish

Translations:  English

Translations:  French Russian Polish

Translations:  German

Translations:  Swedish German
Song | English EXES

Song | English Lyra

Translations:  Italian Turkish

Translations:  Russian Ukrainian
Song | English Lyra

Translations:  German Romanian Italian
Song | English Banks

Translations:  Spanish

Translations:  English
Song | English LANY

Translations:  Turkish

Translations:  French Italian

Translations:  Russian French
Song | Swedish LOVA

Translations:  English
Song | English Iiris

Translations:  French Russian
Song | English Lyra

Translations:  Italian