Nobody's perfect | DIY

Created by Aldebaran2020 on 04 Jul 2020
Nobody's perfect | DIY

Tips and tricks for the collector.

How to link artists and collections.

You're doing a collection X made of 12 songs such as the album of an artist Y.

Add artist Y into collection X.

Now there is a direct link from the artist's page to the collection: it is in the section called "collections", hidden when empty.

Beware, currently the number of links to collections are limited to 5 for each artist, therefore don't link each and every album you make but make a "discography" collection for that artist and link just that collection to the artist.

See the example below: artist "Nightwish" and collection "Nightwish | Discography".

Go to the artist's page by clicking on "Nightwish": there you find the link to the "Nightwish | Discography" in the "collections" section.