Phantasmagoria | Poems of stories

Created by phantasmagoria on 01 Jul 2019 | Last edited by phantasmagoria on 03 Jul 2019

A collection of my poetry that tell of stories or events (fictional). This collection will be considered vol. 1, other collections will be for poetry about personal experiences and mental illness.
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A poem about a siren (a representation of the waters) who beckons all who swim in her waters to die.

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A man laments about an unrequited love.

An arranged marriage turns to genuine love. When death separates them, the man's widow decides to join him on the other side.

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An old story I wrote about a princess trapped in a tower on an island, where all its inhabitants have died from a plague and only she remains to guard the dead. A curse placed on the princess and the island keep any efforts of trying to break it impossible.

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Offerings on the Day of the Dead and their visits.

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A person dealing with a loved one who is delusional about what is real or a lie (depersonalizing), then deciding to keep feeding them lies as long as they allow them to be at their side to take care of them.

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Hearing bells ringing through the fields and into a graveyard, calling all to Mass. A cross is set on fire to symbolize the passing of a loved one and the cleansing it leaves behind.

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Star crossed lovers willing to die in a sacred place, accepting their fate or reincarnation and asking for God's mercy.

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It's meaning was purposely left vague for others to interpret what it is that's "written in the stars". It could be interpreted as fate itself, an event happening, love or a child being born.

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A child confronting a father's alcoholism.

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