Real love's gratitude - Love songs

Created by EnrixosfromParis on 11 Mar 2018 | Last edited by EnrixosfromParis on 13 Apr 2018

This regroups all the songs that express a true Gratitude vis à vis Love to another lover or beloved person
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that
suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance for
your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

He wrote the song to prove her that everything she sees in him is
real love, what he really feels,
he thanks the stars for this everlasting love with this wonderfull
on all aspects woman

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He is really grateful to his girlfriend for staying, helping and fighting
at all times by his side and giving her love to him no matter what.

He gave her first platonic love, until this kiss that stopped time,
she than fell desperatly in love with him, and she is very deeply
thankful that he loved her back so much and that he came into
her life

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When he runs to her, everything changes, he becomes a new person,
and leaves the world as it is. he is, thankful for she makes of him
a new person, and allows him to breath again

Translations:  Greek Serbian Italian 12 more

The guy is sick, he is greatful that she stays by his side,
if it wheren't for her, he would probably be dead, as she helps him
with anything there is to do, and most of all, by giving him company

Translations:  English Spanish

When he is with her, life is Heaven, he hoped to find a girl like her,
therefore he thanks life, God and love for this happiness he share
with her.

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She lives through him, when he comes, when he goes, whatever happens,
she just has to think of him to make it better. He is the reason why she's living
She wants to thank the earth, for him making her happy

Translations:  English

They live a great love story, a bit of craziness, good memories, there is no word strong
enough to tell how much he loves her, she is great, and he is so
thankful for her.

Translations:  English

With her he feels home, he feels whole, generally feels great,
He will always love her, even far away. he will keep on loving her,
and seems very thankful for the happiness she provokes in him

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Nothing can stop their love, they love each other very much,
and she is so thankful for everything, and this strength he gives her.

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