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Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 (Selecția Națională 2000)

Created by Iulia Bac on 26 Jun 2022 | Last edited by Iulia Bac on 10 Jul 2022
Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 (Selecția Națională 2000)

On 27 February 2000, the Selecția Națională song contest was held in order to select the Romanian entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. Subsequently, "Luna" was chosen to represent Romania in the contest solely by public televoting. Originally, the span of time in which the public could vote for entries was set to one hour, and eventually extended to three hours without prior announcement. Taxi's win was surrounded by controversy after second-placed Romanian group Valahia (band) [ro] threatened to take legal action against the Romanian Television (TVR), claiming that they were in the lead after one hour of televoting.

Missing Song Lyrics:
Monica Anghel & Gheorghe Zamfir, Body & Soul - "Let the music come into your soul" (3rd) =
Daniel Robu - "I can touch the stars" (4th) =
No Comment - "Regina mea" (7th) =
2 B Brothers - "Doar privirea ta" (8th) =
Sfinx Experience - "Alb sau negru" (11th) =

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1st Place

Song language:  Romanian

Translations:  English

2nd Place

Song language:  English

5th Place

Song language:  English


Song language:  Romanian

8th Place

Song language:  Romanian

10th Place

Song language:  Romanian

12th Place

Song language:  English

13th Place

Song languages:  English, Romanian