Short Stories

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Short Stories

All of my short stories, and more when I make more. All in one nice little place so you can find them easier. Also, you cannot make collections of discussions, so instead the links are here in this box to the short stories, and if you wish to view the songs, see the below sections to link to the songs. In the box that describes the song will be ANOTHER link to the short story. This is as idiot-proof as humanly possible.
#1 : Talks on a Train The first short story. This one was rather easy to write since the song already had dialogue. The characters are more flush and alive, however, the themes and morals are extremely subtle.
#2 : Sorrow
Second short story. This one is more descriptive and uses imagery rather than characters. More emotional while also being subtle with soft hints thrown in.
#3 Omission by a God
The third short story. This is a depressing story. Very depressing, then-again I wrote this as my depression kicked back into full gear. The purpose was for self-reflection and thought. Also, it isn't based on a song, just my depressed mood at that time.
#4 Very Interesting
The fourth. This one was fun to write and is more creative. More liberties were taken in this endeavor than others (well, excluding #3). The characters are less interactive but are more colorful. The story is also a bit more linear and has no set conflict besides with other character interactions.
#5 She Goes Through Life Smiling
The fifth story. Not my confident piece but I think it's because I took more risks in writing this one. If I had the ability to make a more elaborate story then I might be more confident, but given these are short stories, this one wasn't the easiest story to put out. But I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too. The song is based on the idea in the song, of a woman who seems happy, only for her to really put on a smile to get through life. 
#6 Don't Shoot!
The sixth story, the second-longest clocking in at almost 8 pages in Microsoft Word! This one is more of a depressing story, and is also more story-like than short story. Where others are shortened and have faster pacing, this one has a traditional story flow, including the traditional storyboarding process.
#7 He Was Older than Her
Alright, a whopping 10 pages in MS Word. For a reference, in my normal writings, this is borderline a chapter. This one is a personal favorite, though I feel critical as to the ending since it just felt rushed, but I'm limited by length (by this point though I'm going to end up with a 20 pager here shortly ;c) 
#8 Laments Mortis
Around 8 pages in word, this short is barely qualified as inspired and is more-or-less a malicious attempt to better adapt a story dealing with death better than the source material. Because of the song that inspired it being about necrophilia I don't want to post the song link here, I hate that song with a passion, but because I believe in free speech I am going to have to post a link to my translation.  

Song | Russian Kino

The second short story. Click the above to view the song, below to view the song.

Translations:  English German French 7 more
Song | Russian DDT

The Sixth Short Story. Click above for song, bottom for the story

Translations:  English Ukrainian French
Vladimir4757Vladimir4757    Fri, 10/07/2020 - 02:25

I can write one. I'll see about doing my own take on the English translation as-well. I'll work on it tomorrow and it might go up tomorrow night depending on how things go tomorrow.

Although, if you feel like it go for it. I'd like to see someone else try their hand something. Since the song at least has some partial inspiration from characters from another story I'm just hesitant since I haven't read Master and the Margarita yet. But, that's just my apprehension. I don't want to stray or do something off, I'll look into it tomorrow as I said.

Vladimir4757Vladimir4757    Fri, 10/07/2020 - 02:27

Also, if anyone wants to see a song turned into a short story I'm open to suggestions since it's better than me cherry picking songs I'm interested in and doing. I love the challenge that comes with writing something like this and am interested in other people's suggestions.