Songs that didn't make it to Sanremo

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Songs that didn't make it to Sanremo

In this collection you'll find all songs submitted by an artist to the Sanremo Music Festival artistic director, but that weren't picked for the main competition. There were also instances of songs that were made for submission that weren't sent.

As the list of artists and songs that didn't make it isn't made known, you'll only find songs that were confirmed that were submitted or written specially for Sanremo.

Loredana Bertè made it clear on the back cover of her 2007 album Babybertè live 2007 that this song wasn't selected.

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Irene Grandi publically said she submitted the song for evaluation. It was later confirmed that the song was refused because of the poor quality of the demo tape sent to Carlo Conti.

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Loredana Bertè seems to have submitted this song in 2018, to be presented in 2019 (where she did perform with Cosa ti aspetti da me).

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Song | Italian Amara

Amara's song wasn't selected, but she was invited to perform it anyway as a guest in 2017.

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L'Aura said in a concert that she submitted this song in 2015, but it didn't make it.

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Although this song was rejected in 2014, they submitted it again in 2015. The song won 1st place in the 2016 edition of Sanremo anyway.

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Loredana Bertè and Ivana Spagna said that the song was rejected as an act of ageism - given that they were both in their 50's in 2009.

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Song | Italian Povia

The song was submitted for the 'Giovani' category in 2005, but was ultimately rejected because it had been performed live before (which is against the rules). It became a hit anyway.

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This song had an even more controversial background. Sinigallia was announced as a competitor and, as such, allowed to take part in the main competition. His first song (as singers proposed two songs in the 2014 edition of the Festival), Una rigenerazione, was excluded by expectators. He stayed in Sanremo until the organization found out this song had already been performed live, which is against the rules.

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Eleonora Crupi submitted it for evaluation, but it was rejected for an unknown reason. It was later then rewritten and given to Laura Pausini.

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Tony Maiello, who wrote this song, was going to submit this song sometime around 2011 (he won the Newcomers section in 2010), but he didn't. He later gave the song to Laura Pausini, who recorded and included it in her 2015 album Simili (in Hispanophone markets, Similares).

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This song was ready at the time of Tiziano's first album, 2001's Rosso relativo, but wasn't included in the final roster because his record company didn't know if it would sell. If it didn't, they would submit this song for Sanremo 2002. If the song had been included in the album, it couldn't have been submitted because it was already known.

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The song was submitted for Sanremo Social in 2011 and was among the 60 finalists, but wasn't selected in the final roster.

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This song, Bianca Atzei's very first single, was submitted for Sanremo Social in 2011, but it was rejected.

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Pierdavide Carone and Dear Jack's hit was submitted in 2018 but didn't make it to the 2019 roster. They think it was an act of censorship.

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Morgan was announced as a participant in 2010, but he was later rejected after giving an interview in which he declared using cocaine as an antidepressant.

Valeria Rossi's hit was rejected in the 2001 edition of the festival.

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In the music video description, Kris made it clear that the song was rejected in 2020 for unknown reasons. It may have something to do with the fact that the song claims to say 'the truth' about the murder of Marco Vannini on the hands of his girlfriend and her family.