Songs of Oaxaca, Mexico

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Songs about the Mexican state of Oaxaca (and its many regions) or that originate from that state.

Tehuantepec is located in the Istmo region.

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The song is about the women from the Isthmus.

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The song is about a "Juchiteca", a term for a woman from Juchitán located in the Istmo region.

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The old name for "Unión Hidalgo" a population located in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca, southeast of Mexico. The word "Gubiña" is an ancient word that has many meanings: drought, shortage, narrowness, misery, poverty, a person from Unión Hidalgo or even "palm"* (*= this is something wikipedia has mentioned but I've found nothing to back that one up., a lit. translation would be "Poor/*insert any of the words previously mentioned + ranch/town". Despite being called a "town/ranch for the poor" it was quite prosperous.

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A poem that personifies Tehuantepec.

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