Starting Now (international versions)

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Starting Now (international versions)

A collection of the international versions of Disney's song "Starting Now", from Disney's event "Ultimate Princess Celebration".

Song language:  English

Artist:  Brandy

Translations:  FinnishGermanPortugueseRomanian   2 more

Song language:  Spanish

Artist:  Nerea Rodríguez

Translation:  English

Song language:  Romanian

Artist:  Feli (Romania)

Translations:  EnglishGerman

Song language:  Spanish

Artist:  Karol Sevilla

Translations:  EnglishGermanPortugueseRussian   2 more

Song language:  Portuguese

Artist:  Agnes Nunes

Translations:  EnglishItalianSpanish

Song language:  Polish

Artist:  Alicja

Translations:  EnglishItalian

Song language:  Bulgarian

Artist:  Krisia Todorova

Translation:  English

Song language:  Hebrew

Artist:  Eden Alene

Translation:  English

Song language:  Italian

Artist:  Noemi

Translations:  EnglishPortuguese

Song language:  German

Artist:  Leslie Clio

Translations:  EnglishSpanish

Song language:  Korean

Artist:  Ailee

Translations:  EnglishItalian

Song language:  Russian

Artist:  Mimi

Song language:  Turkish

Artist:  Deniz Sujana

Translations:  AzerbaijaniEnglish

Song language:  French

Artist:  Cerise Calixte

Translation:  Italian

Song language:  Dutch

Artist:  Gioia Parijs

Song languages:  English, French, Italian, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish

Artist:  Various Artists

Song language:  Chinese

Artist:  Tifa Chen

Translation:  English

Song languages:  English, Filipino/Tagalog

Artist:  Maris Racal

Translation:  English

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