Relationship Ended, But Feeling Okay

Created by BreezyDay on 20 Nov 2018 | Last edited by BreezyDay on 03 Dec 2018

An ended relationship but past the agony phase. Maybe a twinge of sadness remaining, or maybe a "good riddance" attitude. The songs in this collection should strengthen. Let's hear from the guys too!! Pls avoiid vulgarities. If this has already been done, let me know.

Es Tarde / Juanes

Translations:  English Croatian

Mi Bombón / Andrés Cabas

Translations:  English

I'm Alive / Jackson Browne

Te Aviso, Te Anuncio / Shakira

Translations:  English Greek French 10 more

La Tortura / Shakira

Translations:  English Serbian Greek 21 more

Irreplaceable / Beyonce

Translations:  French Croatian German 13 more

Merry Happy / Kate Nash

Translations:  Finnish Hungarian
Song | English Basia

Basia / Time and Tide

Song | English Basia

Third Time Lucky / Basia