This time it is personal, LT!

Created by Dr_Igor on 26 Apr 2021 | Last edited by Dr_Igor on 15 May 2021

This will be a collection dedicated to artists (singers, sometimes poets, songwriters) or specific acts(songs, poems) that I either barely knew or more often did not know at all before I joined LT last August.
Some of them are giants in their genres or giants, period, and I will be eternally grateful to LT for making me look for stuff and discover them. You only need to discover artists like that once and then they stay with you forever.
I guess, by definition, I can't have collaborators on this collection as it is about my personal discoveries. But I will list some of the artists here and if you want to tell me what particular songs of them you like that may affect my choice of songs to include. OTOH you may suspect that I still haven't discovered somebody and send a tip my way. That would be truly awesome. So, to cut the long story short, here is a list of artists that will definitely be included with multiple entries( of course the list is incomplete and will grow)

Frida Boccara Lucy Thomas
Amira Willighagen Yana Gray
Сергеи Трофимов Bartek Królak
Elena Yerevan Allie Sherlock
Наталья Дудкина Елена Казанцева
Erza Muqoli Лариса Крылова
Kzysztof-Krawczyk Ana Moura

No items listed