Turkish-Persian/Anatolian Myth Shahmaran

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Turkish-Persian/Anatolian Myth Shahmaran

Shahmaran lit. 'Shah (king) of the Snakes' is a mythical creature, half woman and half snake, found with different variations in the folklore of Iran, Anatolia, the Armenian Highlands, Iraq, and of the Kurds.
Thousands of years ago, there were snakes living in the underground of Tarsus. These snakes name were 'Meran', and Merans had compassion and wisdom. They lived in peace.
Queen of Merans was called ''Shahmaran''. She was a young and pretty woman. According to the legend, a man who called Camasb was the first person to see her. He came from a poor family. One day Camasb and his friends discovered a cave full of honey. They hang him down to take honey. Camasb gets stuck in a cave and his friends leave him alone in the cave for not to share with him. He decides to explore the cave and finds a passage to a chamber that looks like a mystical and beautiful garden with thousands of off-white colored snakes and the Shahmaran living together harmoniously. At this point Shahmaran and Camasb fall in love and live in the cave chamber, and the Shahmaran teaches him about medicines and medicinal herbs.[2] Camasb misses living above ground and wants to leave, he tells the Shahmaran he will not share the secret of her living there. Many years pass. He did not tell anyone about the location of Shahmaran by keeping his promise for many years. One day the sultan of the country fell ill. The vizier said that the cure for the disease was to eat Shahmaran's meat and news was spread everywhere. The vizier of the country put everybody into the Turkish bath one by one. It's time for Camasb. When Camasb got undressed, the vizier saw that Camasb had scales on his skin and managed to make him speak. When Camasb showed the location of the well, Şahmeran was found and taken out. Sahmeran said to Camasb, "Boil my head and drink it to the sultan, let the sultan be saved, the vizier will drink my body, he will die, you can boil my tail and drink it, so become a Lokman Doctor. In the end, the vizier died, the sultan recovered and made Camasb his vizier. And according to the rumor, Camasb became Lokman Physician. According to the legend, the snakes have not known since that day that Shahmaran was killed. It is rumored that Tarsus will one day be invaded by the snakes, who learn that Shahmaran has been killed.

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