Unconventional funeral songs

Created by Guest on 16 Dec 2018
Unconventional funeral songs

Songs that deal with death in a way that's unconventional, inconvenient, funny, disrespectful, or otherwise "weird".
In a sentence, songs that would make most people cringe if they were to hear it playing at a funeral.

People from this family gather only when someone dies, and only to save the appearances. In reality, they can’t stand each other, nor the boring rituals they have to go through.

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The last will of an unconventional person: no crying or funeral faces, just a few thoughts about him, and then on with life and its pleasures.

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As a last act of defiance, this man subverts many social conventions, praises people who are despised by "decent" people, and leaves with a bitter consideration about how death is really a lonely matter, regardless of how we might delude ourselves about it.

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Once we get past sweet-talk and platitudes, what death teaches us is to enjoy life as long as we can.

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Nuclear holocaust is a jolly prospect: there’ll be nobody left for grieving.

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That of a gravedigger is a profession despised by most people. Yet, he’s just trying to earn his living in an honest way.

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The singer lost his sweetheart to death, so he finds comfort in her sister.

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On its 100th birthday, a cemetery throws a lively party.

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This dying man wants no splendor nor hypocrisy for his funeral. He’s already at peace with himself and doesn't need all that nonsense.

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The singer wants a happy funeral: no dying of sorrow (pena), just dying for his kind of music (plena).

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A criminal's tombstone can't be but unconventional. He dealt with drugs, booze, and guns during his life, and he wants it to be reflected in his memory.

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The funeral of a peasant: he worked scores of land for his master, yet he'll have just a small pit as his grave. That's what's due to him, and sadly it might even be more than he ever had while still alive.

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The singer revels in dreams of revenge against the man who took everything away from him.

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A man writes a letter to his brother, who killed him over his wife. So, now the lovers are free to be together, and all in all the murdered man is glad to see his wife finally happy.

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It would be so good not to die by chance, to be able to depart on one’s own terms.

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This would be a perfect theme song for the ceremony of the Darwin Awards.

Death is unavoidable, so we might as well take it lightly.

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The singer needs to bury his grandpa, but being out of money, he has to "argue" with coffin dealers and clergymen to get what he needs.

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Everybody’s equal when facing death.

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Two "minstrels" on their horses wake up the dead and offer them a chance to live again.
Yet, life is both joy and sorrow, and not everyone would welcome such an offer.

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Sailor PokeMoon2Sailor PokeMoon2    Wed, 26/12/2018 - 12:36

I've got a good one. A classic song from the Wizard of Oz called Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (I think I got the title correct) anyway if this song was to be sung or played at a funeral I would laugh xD.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    Tue, 09/04/2019 - 02:47

Seriously, "Famous Blue Raincoat" is a Funeral song?
A letter from the dead you think? you think one word in figurative meaning could overbalance the meaning of the whole song?