Venus - Shocking Blue: Original Song & Worldwide Covers

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Venus - Shocking Blue: Original Song & Worldwide Covers

The compilation of some good, some not so good covers of the song "Venus"
In memory of Mariska Veres (1 October 1947 – 2 December 2006)

Original version from the album "At Home" (1969).
Songwriter: Robbie van Leeuwen
For more about this Song - see Wikipedia:Venus (Shocking Blue song)

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"Venus" is not an original song.Big 3 (US folk band), in 1963 they recorded a song called “The Banjo Song”. Van Leeuwen took that arrangement — the riff, the vocal melody, everything — and used it for “Venus".

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From the album "Tom" (1970).
One of the best (IMHO) covers of Shocking Blue's "Venus".

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Song from the album "True Confessions" (1986).
Both versions ("Shockin Blue" original and "Bananarama" cover) of this song reached number one on the US Billboard Chart, a highly unusual feat.

Song | English Mina

Cover from Italy.
Italian singer Mina recorded song "Venus" in 1986 (album "Sì, buana").

Cover in Ukrainian.
Performed by "a cappella" vocal group "Pikkardiyska Tertsiya" (Lviv, Ukraine).
Recorded in 1999 (album "I will invent the world").
Song "Venus"  in the countries of the former USSR is also known as “Shizgara”. This happened due to the unusual perception of the first line of the chorus in the original english lyrics. So the refrain "She's got it" turned into “Shizgara”.

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Cover in Russian.
Performed by vocal quartet "Doctor Watson" (Moscow, Russia), recorded in 1998.

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Cover in Spanish.
The song was recorded in 1970 by mexican beat and garage band from Guadalajara.

Cover in Bulgarian.
Recorded in 1969 by bulgarian singer Lili Ivanova.

Cover by American animated virtual band of three female anthropomorphic chipmunk singers (Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor) -  "The Chipettes".
Recorded in 1998 (Album "The A-Files: Alien Songs")

Cover in Japanese/English.
Sings Yoko Nagayama.
I recommend one more video:

Cover from Japan.
Song performed by singer Koda Kumi - album "Trick" (2009).

Cover in French.
Sacha Distel recorded this song in 1978 (album "Forever And Ever").

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IMHO: The most original cover version of the song "Venus".
Recorded in 1984 by Dutch alternative rock band "Claw Boys Claw" (album "Shocking Shades of Claw Boys Claw")

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Cover in Czech.
Recorded in 1969 by Czech (at that time - ČSSR) female singer Hana Zagorová.

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Cover in Slovak.
Recorded in 1970 by Slovak (at that time - ČSSR) female singer Eva Kostolányiová.

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This cover was recorded in 1994 by the Greek singer Paschalis and the music group "Olympians".

This cover recorded by US female singer Tiffany (album "Greatest Hits of the '80s and beyond" - 2011)

Performed by Dutch band "Krezip" (Tilburg, Netherlands).
Recorded in 2007 (album "Plug It In")

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This cover performed by Jennifer Lopez.
Recorded in 2011. The song was used in advertising of women's razors.

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Hard rock cover.
Performed by polish band IRA. Recorded in 2004 (Album "Ogień")

Parody of "Venus" by Shocking Blue, this recording based on the version by Bananarama.
Performed by ApologetiX - Christian parody band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Recorded in 1998 (Album "Jesus Christ Morningstar").

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Performed by Dutch singer Sandra van Nieuwland.
Recorded in 2012 (album "And More")

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