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Vovandemort (Вован-де-Морт) - 3

Created by Ivan Luden on 25 May 2023 | Last edited by Ivan Luden on 03 Jun 2023
Vovandemort (Вован-де-Морт) - 3

This is the third part of songs and poems collection dedicated to the vile old man, whose name is Vladimir.
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From Wikipedia:

Vladimir (Russian: Владимир) is a male Slavic given name of Old Slavic origin
Indicating the folk etymological interpretation of the name as "world owner" or "peace owner".
In Russian, shortened and endeared versions of the name are Volodya (and variants with diminutive suffixes]: Volodka, Volodyen'ka, etc.), Vova (and diminituves: Vovka, Vovochka, etc.), Vovchik, Vovan.


This Collection is based on fiction and any similarity to real people, places, or events are purely coincidental. Angel smile