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Year: 2020 Label: El Sur Del Eden Records Length: 22:34 Released: 🇪🇸 2020 Format: 💿 CD | 🎵 Digital ✏️ = Notes or trivia about the song.
Querencia is the first full-length album by Chung Ha. It was released on February 15, 2021.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1958.
Every official MV released by Japanese-Korean rapper and singer CHANMINA.
hi guys,its me,TYLER.I though this would be a GREAT idea to do.
Year: 2021 Label: Napalm Length: 50:26 Released: 2021 Format: 💿 CD | 🎵 Digital ✏️ = Notes or trivia about the song.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1957.
DUALITY is the first digital solo album by I.M, lead rapper of k-pop group MONSTA X. The album will be released on the 19th of February, 2021. I.M is known by k-pop fans for the duality in his personality and appearance. He's a strong lower tone rapper but also sings; and good. He can be very sexy ...
Released on 2006/8/13 Eternal Night Submerged in White Darkness. Asriel’s 1st release, an indie mini-album.
Every official MV released by South Korean girl group Weeekly.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1966.
"Fearless (Taylor's Version)" is the first re-recorder album of Taylor Swift ✔ Released:April 9, 2021 🔊 Genre:Country • Pop 📻 Available on:Spotify • Deezer ⏰ Length:1h 46min ▪ Taylor Swift chronology: evermore (2020) ← Fearless [Taylor's Version] (2021) 🔘 Back to Taylor Swift ...
This collection is dedicated to songs about unhappy love and the fate of the heroes of the classic novel by Ivan Turgenev - the deaf-and-dumb serf peasant Gerasim and his little dog Mumu. Any songs and variations on this theme are welcome!
36устим ладенко
Released: 20. October 2020
✨ January II ← February I → February II ✨ Musicians, singers & poets born in 𝐅𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐲 🎂 - part I
✨ January I ← January II → February I ✨ Musicians, singers & poets born in 𝐉𝐚𝐧𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐲 🎂 - part II
Anatolian rock is a type of music that is a combination of Turkish folk music and rock music. It appeared during the Second World War. In the 1960s and 1970s when the most famous are from England and America, Turkey also would receive a share of this growing trend. And excellent works came out! ...
All OSTs of 2021 C-dramas
Musicians, singers & poets born in 𝐉𝐚𝐧𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐲 🎂 - part I . 🎂 more: • January II • February I
All OSTs of 2010 C-dramas
Persepolis, 'Throne of Jamshid' was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC). In Persepolis, the palaces of the kings were located on an artificial hill made with transport soil. This terrace, where the palaces were located, was reached by two wide stairs. The side walls of ...
Shahmaran lit. 'Shah (king) of the Snakes' is a mythical creature, half woman and half snake, found with different variations in the folklore of Iran, Anatolia, the Armenian Highlands, Iraq, and of the Kurds. Thousands of years ago, there were snakes living in the underground of Tarsus. These ...
3-Nen E-Gumi Utatan (3年E組うた担) is a temporary group from Japan. It was created for the anime Assassination Classroom. The group consists of Nagisa Shiota, Akabane Karma, Kaede Kayano, Yuuma Isogai, and Hiroto Maehara.
All OSTs of 2009 C-drama
2nd Desire [Tasty] (stylized in all caps) is the second mini album by Kim Woo Seok. It was released on February 2, 2021 with "Sugar" serving as the album's title track. The physical album comes in three versions: Cream, Cookie and an Air-KiT. Track list 1. "Tasty" - 3:23 2. "Sugar" - 3:04 3. ...
Everything about Anatolia.
All Songs of melodifestivalen 2021
Poems that are painted on the exterior walls of buildings in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands.  Please visit this wonderful website for more information about poems, biographies and fun facts. English translations are available too. I will try to add poems at least one per day. In ...
Kurdish Artist Rewşan Çeliker's second album consisting of 10 songs.
'Wrap Me In Plastic' is the 4th (collaboration) digital single album by South Korean girl group MOMOLAND (모모랜드), and CHROMANCE (크로망스). It was released on February 5, 2021. The song is a new version of the song originally released by CHROMANCE abd includes English and Korean lyrics. The digital ...
A list of artists signed under Sacra Music, a Japanese record label established in 2017. Former members: GARNiDELIA (2017–2019)
Project of South African musicians to sing "Stille Nag".
aespa (에스파), (another name: æspa) is a South Korean girl group. They debuted on November 17, 2020 with single “Black Mamba” under label SM Entertainment. Group consists of 4 members: Karina (Yoo Ji Min), Giselle (Uchinaga Aeri), Winter (Kim Min Jeong) and NingNing (Ning Yizhuo). Official aespa ...
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Singers and Bands that have covered Magnetic Fields, The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, The Gothic Archies, and other Stephin Merritt songs.
Mount Ararat, Turkish: Ağrı Dağı; Armenian: Մասիս, romanized: Masis, and Արարատ, Ararat; Kurdish: Çiyayê Agirî‎) is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano in the extreme east of Turkey. It consists of two major volcanic cones: Greater Ararat and Little Ararat. Greater Ararat is the highest peak ...
Songs from Gilbert Hovsepian's 2014 album "Send Me Out"
All OSTs C-Dramas
“TRAVEL -Japan Edition-” is a Japanese extended play by MAMAMOO. It was released on February 3, 2021 and include 8 tracks.
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Women poets who committed suicide
“‘HELLO' Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream” is a 4th mini album by CIX. It was released on February 2, 2021 and include 5 tracks (track “Everything” will be added latter).
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Kurdish Artist Seyidxan Sevinç's first album consisting of 8 songs.
Here you'll find songs that are actually duets or a collaboration between couples (or between people who became couples after releasing a song). There are also instances where married couples released a joint full-length album, so you'll also find them here.
31Alma Barroca
Artists who died in 2021
"Music – Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture" is the ninth studio album by Sia. ✔ Released:February 12, 2021 🔊 Genre:Soundtrack 📻 Available on:Deezer ⏰ Length:49:22
A collection of the artists that passed away in February 2021.
Kurdish literature (in Kurmanji: Wêjeya Kurdî, in Sorani: وێژەی کوردی or ئەدەبی کوردی) is literature written in the Kurdish languages. Literary Kurdish works have been written in each of the four main languages: Zaza, Gorani, Kurmanji and Sorani.
All Discography by Sunny Days (써니데이즈) 🖊 Members:Sunkyung (이선경) Jungyoon (허정윤) Heuria (홍희라) Dayoung (다영) Dasom (한다솜) 🖊 Ex-Members:Minji (전민지) (2012) Diamond Zhang (장비천) (2013-2014) Gyuhee (이규희) (2013-2014) Soojung (정수정) (2012-2014) Seoyeon (조서연) (2012-2013) Soohyun (김수현) (2012-2014) ...
"Blah Blah" is the 7th debut digital single album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). ✔ Released: September 29, 2015 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:0 ⏰ Length:6:40 🔘 Tracklist1.Blah Blah 2.Blah Blah(Inst.)
"I Don't Need You Boy" is the 4st debut digital single album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). ✔ Released: July 31, 2014 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:0 ⏰ Length:6:03 🔘 Tracklist1.세상의 반은 남자 (I Don't Need You Boy) 2.세상의 반은 남자 (I Don't Need You Boy) (Inst.)
"Meet A Girl Just Like You" is the 3th debut digital single album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). ✔ Released: July 31, 2013 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:2 ⏰ Length:10:05 🔘 Tracklist1.너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐 (Meet a Girl Just Like You) 2.너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐 (Meet a Girl Just ...
"I Must Be Crazy" is the 3st album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). ✔ Released: April 08, 2013 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:2 ⏰ Length:13:09 🔘 Tracklist1.미친게 틀림없어 (I Must Be Crazy) 2.미친게 틀림없어 (I Must Be Crazy) (Inst.) 3.만지지마 (Don’t Touch Me) 4.가져가 (Take Away)...
"Don’t Touch Me" is the 1st album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). ✔ Released: July 26, 2012 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:1 ⏰ Length:13:13 🔘 Tracklist1.만지지마 (Don’t Touch Me) 2.만지지마 (Don’t Touch Me) (Acoustic Ver.) 3.만지지마 (Don’t Touch Me) (Inst.) 4.가져가 (Take ...
"Glory Korea" is the 2nd debut digital single album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈) This album was exclusively made for the 2012 Londn olympics ✔ Released: July 7, 2012 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:0 ⏰ Length:- 🔘 Tracklist1.Glory Korea 2.한 걸음 더 (One Step ...
"Take Away" is the 1st debut digital single album by South Korean girl group Sunny Days (써니데이즈). They debut with Haeun Entertainment In May 2012 ✔ Released: May 25, 2012 🔊 Genres:K-Pop • Ballad 📹 Oficcial Videos:0 ⏰ Length:6:26 🔘 Tracklist1.가져가 (Take Away) 2.가져가 (Take Away) (Inst.)
for cal
These are my personal picks for the greatest love songs. A few could be perceived as break-up songs but I've included them anyway because my only criterion was that the lyrics should convince me of the singer's love for the song's subject.
Enver Hoxha was an Albanian politician who served as the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania, from 1941 until his death in 1985. He was also a member of Politburo of the Party of Labour of Albania, chairman of the Democratic Front of Albania, commander-in-chief of the armed forces from...
13yuan jinquan
kenget e Festivalit te 17 ne RTSH viti 1978 / songs of Albanian 17th Festival, yr. 1978
kenget e Festivalit te 18, viti 1979 / songs of Albanian 18th Festival, yr 1979
kenget e Festivalit te 16, viti 1977 / songs of 16th Albanian song Festival, yr 1977
kenget e Festivalit 13 viti, 1974 / songs of Albanian 13th Festival, yr. 1974
kenget e Festivalit te 15 viti 1976 / songs of 15th Albanian Festival
kenget e Festivalit te 12 viti 1973 / songs of 12th Albanian Festival yr 1973
kenget e Festivalit te 7, viti 1968 / songs of 7th Festival yr. 1968
All OSTs of 2005 C-dramas
All OSTs of 2011 C-drama
All OSTs of 2013 C-dramas
Emily in Paris is an American comedy-drama streaming television series created by Darren Star, which premiered on Netflix on October 2, 2020.
Locke & Key is a 2020 American supernatural horror drama streaming television series. It premiered on Netflix on February 7, 2020
"Revelación" is the first Spanish EP album by Selena Gomez. ✔ Released:March 12, 2021 🔊 Genre:Pop 🎧 Format: 💿 CD • Digital Download 👤 Featured artist(s):Rauw Alejandro • Tainy • Mike Towers • DJ Snake ⏰ Length:20:00 📹 Official video(s):3 🔘 Tracklist:1.De Una Vez 📹 2.Buscando Amor 3....
kenget e festivalit te 14 viti 1975 - songs of 14 festival of Albania yr 1975
“HWAA” is a single album by (G)I-DLE. It was released on January 27, 2021 and include 2 tracks  from their last mini album “I burn” title track 화(火花) (HWAA) in two versions: English and Chinese.
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All OSTs of 2015 C-dramas
“I’m Not Cool” is the title track of her seventh self-titled mini-album “I’m Not Cool”, which tells about your own desires and expectations from others. Released on January 28, 2021.
All OSTs of 2020 C-dramas
All OSTs of 2008 C-dramas
All OSTs of 2018 C-dramas
All OSTs of 2016 C-drama
The eponymous debut album by the American rock band Blind Melon, collected here in their original order
All OSTs of 2019 C-drama
All OSTs of 2014 C-drama
All OSTs of 2017 C-dramas
“Dystopia : Road to Utopia” is a 6th mini album by DREAMCATHER. It was released on January 26, 2021 and include 7 tracks (title’s instrumental and other one instrumental).
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My favourite Disney and Nickelodeon telenovelas, ranked with favourites at the top! If you want me to add anything, PM me! ¡Mis telenovelas favoritas de Disney y Nickelodeon! Si quieres que agregue algo, ¡envíame un PM!
These are the best rockin' rock bands in my opinion.
Songs with perfect lyrics I wish I could be talented enough to have written.
A compilation of some (fantasy) bard/tavern songs. You can comment here if you have song suggestions, so we can listen them too  :)
All the songs from Season 1 & 2.
Kyoko Koizumi (小泉今日子) started her career in 1981 with an audition on the famous talent show Star Tanjou, leading to her debut in 1982. Since then she became one of the most popular idols of the 80s with Seiko Matsuda and Akina Nakamori. And despite since the 90s she started to leave little by little...
44Diazepan Medina
Here is part 1
33Zarya Moonwolf
"Young Heart" is the fourth studio album by Birdy. ✔ Release date:April 30, 2021 🔊 Genre:Indie • Folk • Pop
'Not Shy (English Version)' is the 1st English digital single album by South Korean girl group ITZY (있지). It was released on January 22, 2021 with 'Not Shy (English Version)' serving as the digital single's title track. The MV was made in the mobile game called 'ZEPETO'. The digital single was the ...
Songs in seasons 1, 2 & 3.
hello. I am making this because I just wanted to share opinions LOL
Poeti italiani ------------------------------------------------------------------
O Grande Prémio TV da Canção 1965 foi o 2º Festival RTP da Canção e teve lugar no dia 6 de fevereiro de 1965 nos estúdios do Lumiar, em Lisboa. Henrique Mendes foi o apresentador do festival, que foi ganho por Simone de Oliveira com a canção "Sol de Inverno". ...
poets from the warm heart of Africa.
Poets of Portugal and its former dependencies. --------------------------------------------------------------
Русские поэты ---------------------
Entries of the Portuguese national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2021