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Rock songs about the distinctive way of life - take it all as it comes, seize the day, with nothing to lose and to regret (but often without direction and goal as well).
Rock songs about "the edge" - 1. extremes, deep and intense feelings in life; 2. the border of the ordinary state of conscience, which can be perceived during near-death/out-of-body/spiritual/psychedelic experience.
Rock songs about journeys, freedom and spontanity.
It goes like this: Artist 1 releases song A (originally in language X). Then, sometime later, Artist 2 comes, translates song A and releases it as song B (in language Y). This is not meant to gather foreign versions of a same song released by the same artist. In every item's description you'll...
100Alma Barroca
Jazz standards from the 1920's
23M de Vega
Songs of 2014 Turkvision Song Contest
Artists who died at the age of 27.
All entries in in A dal 2018, the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The selection process consists of three heats with ten entries each, two semi finals with nine entries each and a grand final with the remaining eight entries.
All songs that won an Oscar in the category "Best Original Song".
Descriptions and speculations of what might come after death.
All Albanian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Songs about booze. Songs about other drugs can be found here: and here:
Last year i broke up the folder "Children's songs" into several others divided by language that i called "Children Songs". It turned out to be a good thing but now their number has gone out of hand, and when you type "children" into the searchbar it won't even show you every folder. So I'm making ...
same as the children songs folder, only with folk songs.
All Worship Songs Folders of different Languages
All songs that won the American Music Award for Favorite Song – Soul/R&B. It has been awarded since 1974. The category was retired for over a decade in 1995, before returning in the 2016 ceremony. Years reflect the year in which the awards were presented, for works released in the previous year ...
A list of songs inspired by Ancient Greek culture. Still in progress.
28Higgs Boson
All Andorran entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
List of all anime opening and ending songs. Currently under construction. The anime are (will be) ordered alphabetically.
Non-Japanese songs used in anime. Excludes songs in a fictional language as well as songs exclusively used on dubbed versions of anime. Includes songs that substantially includes lines, preferably whole stanzas, in a foreign language. Feel free to suggest songs.
An alphabetical list of all anime OST pages currently on LT. Feel free to add suggestions!
Songs from openings
Não me toca Versions
8zaïroise rdc
Rock songs of freethinking nature, dystopia, political sarcasm, pacifism etc.
if this folder gets too big, I'll later break it up into different nationalities.
All Armenian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Cette collection de chansons présente des artistes qui n’ont pas le français comme langue maternelle mais qui ont décidé de chanter en français. Elle présente des chansons originales et non pas des reprises de chansons en français par des artistes étrangers. Bien sûr, cette liste est loin d’être ...
The name says all. This will contain a list of artists who died of AIDS-related diseases.
9Alma Barroca
From the user who brought you the Asian rap collection. There will be a lot to this, and I will update it as I find time. These are Asian pop songs I listen to pretty much on a daily basis. Everything from DNA onwards suggested by Miley_Lovato
44Ayano Aishi
Some rap songs that I like in various Asian languages, this will be expanded as I find more
56Ayano Aishi
All the Australian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Austrian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
This collection consists of all the Azerbaijani entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
This collection consists of the songs which Azerbaijani singers sang in English. I'm adding the ones I remember and the ones we have on LT.
This regroups all the songs that speak of bad boys, rebels, and their life. Rap is not included --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for ...
In this collection I want to gather songs that describe rock culture in a best way, that define its essence and spirit. By concept I mean an extensive idea, well-known and distinctive for the genre. Each concept/phenomenon is represented by separate subcollection, present in many songs, and often ...
All Belarusian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All entries in the Belarusian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
All Belgian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All entries in the Serbian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Blatnaya Pesnya - блатная песня - Russian Gangster Songs
Songs with "blues" in the title
Songs about Bonnie and Clyde
All Bosnian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
This regroups all the song of break up when one is very sad, because the other left, because he had no more feelings, or never had hurting the scond one, but who cares? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This ...
This regroups all the songs where the two characters decide to break up despite their true love for each other. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for ...
All Bulgarian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Collection of top bulgarian rock songs from the '80s.
This regroups all the songs when the singer expresses a real desire of having a wild night, with another person. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for song ...
Chinese Pop Singers
Ho pensato fosse interessante (o forse no) creare una raccolta di canzoni con le quali sono cresciuto. Sono canzoni che ascoltavo spesso da bambino: alcune le ascoltava mia nonna (principalmente quelle in sardo), altre vengono da mio padre (alcune in spagnolo), che ha lavorato per anni come ...
Chants du Carnaval de Dunkerque
Songs about cats
Celebrity cameos and celebrities starring in music videos.
Again, a collection of songs inspired by Celtic (including Irish, Scottish, Gaelic) culture, history and mythology. More coming soon. Also, expect this to be mostly folk metal.
60Higgs Boson
This regroups all the songs that expresses the need to change its life, of having changed it, of willing to change it, or even the process itself. If the song speaks about the courage of moving forward by riskiing it all, this is here: >> Changes 2/2 - Courage to go forward ...
This group regroups songs where the singer speaks about courage of doing Something very risky for himself, but necessary to move forward in his life If the songs speaks about a change in life, this is here: >> Changes 1/2 - Change life ...
Character songs are composed with a specific character in mind, and sung by the character's voice actor. They are especially popular in Japan, so most of the listed songs are in Japanese. Japanese names are listed in the traditional last name—first name order.
This regroups all the artists who write or interpret relaxing songs sometimes with lyrics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody...
This regroups all the songs related to christian religions (English and global languages) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for ...
Classic rock is a radio format which developed from the album-oriented rock (AOR) format in the early 1980s. In the United States, the classic rock format features music ranging generally from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, primarily focusing on commercially successful hard rockpopularized in the ...
songs where female underwear is mentioned
songs about sex
All songs that participated in a TV program organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to commemorate the Eurovision Song Contest's fiftieth anniversary and to determine the Contest's most popular entrant of its fifty years (between 14 chosen through an internet poll and by a jury).
This is a collection of songs, which transport messages of conspiracy theories, dark powers manipulating the world, fake news,etc. Songs meant to manipulate the listeners to believe they can't trust "official" news, that new leaders are necessary, etc.
The modern equivalent to what medievalists call "Gelehrte Dichtung" ('scholarly poetry') - songs where you need certain background knowledge as a key to understand the entangled metaphors. I don't claim to know the key to every song in this collection. (more to be added)
A collection of the "Country in the Eurovision Song Contest" collections. The countries are ordered by their first appearance in the contest.
Songs narrating how the world came to be. (when I find more I'll add more)
All Croatian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Cyproit entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Czech entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is an annual music competition organised by Danish public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR), which determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.
All entries in the Danish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Collection about poems related to Decadentism: the Italian "branch" of the Decadent Movement. Always in progress: suggestions are more than welcome. :) *biggrin*
A collection of songs that praise demons or "dark" deities. There is some overlap with my collection Devotional Satanism, which contains songs that praise the devil. This collection here differs from that one by including those lyrics in which the names of other demons/deities are explicitly ...
All Danish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
The songs of the French National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Deutsche Liedermacher
A collection of the multitude of songs that praise the devil. There is some overlap with my collection Demonolatry, which contains songs that explicitly praise demons or "dark" deities. (more to be added)
All entries in the Swiss national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Songs sung by Dima Mashnin
15Danny Swartz
A collection of our beloved Disney & Disney-Pixar movies whose songs have been translated in LT. *In progress*
This regroups all the songs that speak about people taking drugs in general, or have been / being victim of drugs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This collection is opened for ...
All entries in the Estonian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Songs about reaching enlightenment by transcending limited constructs of one's ego, leaving behind parts of one's psyche, facing one's shadow, etc.
Enrique Iglesias - Bailando Remixes
4zaïroise rdc
Enrique Iglesias - Súbeme La Radio Feat. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox, Jacob Forever, CNCO, Sean Paul, Matt Terry, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Anselmo Ralph, Zé Felipe, Ender Thomas & Rotem Cohen
7zaïroise rdc
for boxers it's called "entrance song", in the UFC and MMA it's called "walkout song". the song that is played when a fighter enters the ring/cage/octagon. muay thai doesn't have entrance songs but holds to a much older tradition. every fight is started by ritualistic dance and prayer (Wai Khru), ...
Here are the six songs that participated in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon/Portugal. It took place on 22nd February. Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone Natia Todua - My Own Way Ryk - You And I [no lyrics ...
All Estonian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest
These are songs I sent to people who are learning Estonian or just to give them an idea of what Estonian sounds like, or just songs I like in my native language! :D work in progress
13Ayano Aishi
This is a collection of Eurovision 2018 songs that have other versions in different languages.
6Даниил В.
Your guide to all entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
A collection of all winners in the Eurovision Song Contests (In chronological order)
The Eurovision Song Contest 1956 was the first edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest, held at the Teatro Kursaal in Lugano, Switzerland on Thursday 24 May under the name Gran Premio Eurovisione della Canzone Europea Organised by the European Broadcasting Union, the pan-European music ...
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1970.