come clean

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Idiomatic translations of "come clean"

mettre cartes sur table
راستشو بگو

Meanings of "come clean"


to be honest, to tell the truth

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Λέω την αλήθεια

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wyjawić, ujawnić, powiedzieć prawdę

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"come clean" in lyrics

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason

You're pouring a drink
No nothing is as bad as it seems
We'll come clean

Selena Gomez - My Dilemma

Your eyes have told a thousand lies
But I believe them when they look in mine...
I heard the rumors but you won't come clean
I guess I'm hoping it's because of me...

Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

Oh, if I didn't I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
As I come clean

The Rootless - Before the Goodbye

Are meaningless if you don't say them right?
But I can't come clean and say it
I just realized it now

Yelawolf - Till it's Gone

I ain t the money man, whith your money man, you ain't lookin' at me
I'm not the cheap one, lookin' at me son, you ain't lookin' at free
I ain't the dish rag, to come clean up, all the shit that ya dish out
Ain't got no check for em, if you checkin' in

Pandora (Mexico) - How are you, my love?

It was such a small encounter
that I couldn't come clean
and tell you that I missed you

Demi Lovato - You're My Only Shorty

You're my only shorty (Am I your only shorty?)
You're my only shorty (Baby, come clean) (EEE...)
I'm telling you the truth, girl it's only you.

Ziggy Marley - Still Searching

Many are called but only few deemed worthy
Body have to physically strong and sturdy
Spiritually balanced fi come clean and purge me
Mentally advanced fi always urge me

Ricky Martin - Change Your Skin

From this old love which is making you suffer
Change your skin and
Change your skin and come clean
All that resentment is doing you no good

Rise Against - Satellite

We'll sneak out while they sleep
And sail off in the night
We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives
When we're gone, we'll stay gone

Cher Lloyd - Playa Boi

Them boys always acting so mean
Hands down in the dirt, don't come clean
Like a hole and a three letter donkey

Belinda - Selfish

It's you?, where?, won't?
come clean
"Tell me who is hanging with you

Ellie Goulding - Human

(to be, to be, to be...)

Human, I'm trying to come clean,
I will be a better me,

Ezginin Günlüğü - Game

I was so young, so many things would cross my mind, they still do.
I'd get drunk because of the night,
I'd come clean only to the stars, to the bugs.
Oh sir, I have nothing but myself, let me go away by myself, I've lost, I've lost.

Chvrches - Recover

Carved earth, cold
Hiding from you in this skin, so old
I'll come clean, everywhere everyone knows it's me

Hilary Duff - Come clean

Let's go back
Back to the beginning
Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned

Ellie Goulding - Guns And Horses

I would [x4]

It's time to come clean
And make sense of everything

Nelly Furtado - High Life

Be careful when you’re wishing for the high life

They say you have to come clean with your past to move on
All of my dreams have come true but something still feels wrong

Princess Erika - Too Much Bla-bla

It's time to come clean without shouting
And recognize with tolerance

Anabela - It's not up to us

How much do you want me
when you kiss me so good
i want you to come clean
but you keep biting my mouth

The Pierces - Lies

They hide inside those big brown eyes
You've gotten dirty, angel
Aren't you ready to come clean?
I am looking down with sorrow

Mala Rodríguez - Free Fall

No one is God here, thank God
Who sold you that lie?? Dig a hole and get neck deep
Or step down (resign) and come clean

Slipknot - Disasterpiece

I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon
I wanna dig inside, find a little bit of me
Cuz the line gets crossed when you don't come clean

Kylee - Just Give Me A Reason

You're pouring a drink
No nothing is as bad as it seems
We'll come clean

Silla - 6th Sense

mean it slowly come clean!
You drink too much dude.
You only fuck yourself with it, slowly come clean Silla!
Come on bro!

Eagles - Victim Of Love

and you know how to play it so well

Some people never come clean
I think you know what I mean

Eminem - Backstabber

I yearned for the day that we finally met again
So I can give him a taste of his own medicine
He shed his skin, then he promised to come clean
I took his butcher knife and jabbed it into his spleen

FF.C (Fortified Concept) - What you taught me

And you will keep me standing up when life brings things upside down (= against what I planned)
With out you I don;t believe I would have come clean out of it
Perhaps I would have given up, perhaps I would have gotten comfortable (= earn plenty of money)

Lloyd Banks - Smile

What about the half of this **** I done did to you
Violated and tip toed into a crib or two
I've come clean to be a bigger individual
Even though you're busy boo, the evening's when I visit you

B.o.B - Haterz Everywhere

Cain't see enemies and the haters
Real sharp on my thing like a razor
Blade, come clean like a shape up
So guess I got a game of tape up

U2 - Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some days are dry, some days are leaky
Some days come clean, other days are sneaky.
Some days take less, but most days take more

Foo Fighters - DOA

I'm finished
I'm getting you off my chest
I made you come clean in a dirty dress
A promise is a promise

Ani DiFranco - Not a Pretty Girl

Imagine you're a girl,
Just trying to finally come clean,
Knowing full well they'd prefer you were dirty...

The Perishers - Let's Write Something Down

let's write something down
let us come clean
before you leave town

Chris Brown - Him Or Me

Your phone stay on vibrate, what if i? No, no
Too drunk too angry, gotta come clean to figure it out, oh, oh
She cheated, you're cheating on me, I know it

Tapping The Vein - Butterfly

Come scrub my hands
They won't come clean
Come sit with me

Tamar Kaprelian - Um novo dia

Mas eu não estou pronta para desistir
Deitada e sem sorte
Meus erros estão à amostra e agora estou finalmente admitindo eles<fn>"In the open" significa algo que está em um lugar onde todos veem, está 'a céu aberto'. "Come clean" significa admitir o que você fez, nesse caso ela está admitindo/confessando os erros que ela cometeu.</fn>

The Summer Set - Where Are You Now?

It rains all day when you're not around
And I'm trying my best to come clean with the clouds
They follow me around

Madonna - White Heat


Drop your weapons, you'd better come clean
I've got you covered, I'll catch you when you fall to me

Hinder - Everybody's Wrong

About the one who needs
To let it out and just come clean
I've lost it all but I can't be

Katatonia - July

You come clean
Waves collide now
Defenseless numb arms
And no voice of reason

Saturnus - Descending

My dreams will come through
I leave tonight
Please come clean and true

Neighbors - Hooligans

Blow your head off
Expose your weakness
It's a hard, hard thing to come clean.

Yelawolf - till its gone

I ain t the money man, whith your money man, you ain't lookin' at me
I'm not the cheap one, lookin' at me son, you ain't lookin' at free
I ain't the dish rag, to come clean up, all the shit that ya dish out
Ain't got no check for em, if you checkin' in

Breathe Carolina - Dressed Up to Undress

I'll tip and I'll toe to the back of your mind somehow.
If I confess, would you come clean?
You take off the mask and we'll live like royalty,

Jessica Simpson - What's It Gonna Be

I want to know where we stand
Are you gonna be a dog, or a gentleman
Baby, come clean, keep it straight with me
Tell me boy, tell me boy, tell me boy

Wdowa - Too good

I used to be just like you
and now it's time to come clean, because time knows nothing about healing scars.
I am no feminist, although I fight sometimes.

Ewa Farna - Mask

Do it
I know how hard is to come clean
It's hard to bash away your own fear

Marc Almond - The River

Hold back those years
Those tears
With a futile pride (we're gonna come clean)
Beware of love

AFI - Darling, I Want To Destroy You

That I needn't be scared, either way I still might.

So here's the final scene when I finally come clean.
I've watched you for years.

Annie Lennox - Dark Road

Burnin' in my dreams
There's no water that can wash away
This longin' to come clean
Hey yea yea....

Epica - Natural Corruption

In modern society
Nothing to hide, lives to obtain
Welfare is stained, time to come clean again

The Bronx - Ribcage

Under the lonely spotlight the tension's too tight so stop fighting
You're gonna spill your guts out, crack like stained glass eventually
Eyewitnesses can place you at the scene so you best come clean

Opeth - Closure

Awaiting word on what's to come
In helpless prayers a hope lives on
'Cause I've come clean, I've forgotten what I promised
In the rays of the sun, I am longing for the darkness

Opeth - The Baying Of The Hounds

His body is a country
The cities lay dead and beyond despair
Friends turned enemies unable to come clean
In a rising fog of reeking death

Modest Mouse - Bankrupt on Selling

Well it took a long time, I came clean with myself
I come clean out of love with my lover
I still love her

Bring Me the Horizon - Visions

No, we can't leave till you tell me everything
So come clean, don't talk in tongues, talk in tongue
It's time to bring out your dead

An Horse - Swallow the Sea

Especially holes in bedroom walls
But they don't want to talk to me
They don't need to come clean
It's okay to pretent these walls aren't my friends

Dear Whoever - Changing for the Rain

Now it's time to come clean
Shed all of my vanity
The obsession of me I see will end me
Am I even worth saving?

Aleksandr Rozenbaum - Tree Felling

By northern winds. It's strongly guarded. A fire has disappeared,
My cheek is shaking, the skitter [fn] a tractor that helps to move logs [/fn] is clanking.
Brother, pull hard! Brother, come clean and tell me, how did you get being here?

Our Last Night - Conspiracy

Come clean and tell me, tell me about
Your conspiracy, your conspiracy
Come clean and tell me, tell me about
Your conspiracy, your conspiracy

She Wants Revenge - Replacement

You can hold your breath, I'll be dreaming she's easy
We can always say we tried
If we both come clean, maybe then you can please me

Sallan ja Miron matka maailman ympäri - You Love Better Than I Do

Or do you have to
come clean again
what is it about our relationship

Shing02 - Luv(sic) part2

Perhaps we're even closer now after all things considered on this side of the planet,
Couldn't pick a better time even if we planned it!
To come clean and candid if I have to
Oh what I wouldn't trade for your laughter

Hurt (USA) - Unkind

But, you're unkind
To me you're unkind
To me... (and now we come clean)

Bonnie Tyler - This Is Gonna Hurt

Yeaah the right thing to do would be to let me down easy
Yeah the right thing to do would be to just come clean
But since you don't have an honest bone in your body

Streetlight Manifesto - We Are the Few

All I know now is I got to do something right

So come clean
No one should have have to live with the things you've seen

Joey Bada$$ - For My People

They don't wanna see you fly, they just gonna shoot your wings
Everything ain't what it seem
Wishin' all these dirty cops, would come clean
Still swervin' on these city blocks, for one thing

Harel Skaat - Hollow

Ice queen
Come clean
You were melting for a while

Saint Asonia - No Tomorrow

Have you ever been pushed right to the edge
Have you ever staired darkness in the eyes
It’s time to come clean with all those lies
We want a new beginning

Darin - Doin' Dirt

I heard you doin' dirt,
Why don't you come clean?
Oh, girl it's gonna hurt,


I try and try and try
But your pride has already got me tired
If you don't come clean with me
Then, how do you want me to listen to you

Flatsound - If You Love Me Come Clean

Is being brushed against your cheek
So if you love me, if you love me
Come clean

Clinic - The Witch (Made to Measure)

You're giving more than take well, as you know you don't spill
All the people that you keep
With bottles in a row see, sow your kite and come clean
All the people you need come for free

We the Kings - Completely

She let me dance with the devil ones
And we tried and we tried but we couldn't come clean
See my angel my angel with dirty wings

Radical Face - Baptisms

'Cause down beneath the water's skin, where we will swim
There's diamonds on the surface then
And they'll come clean us, we'll both live again

Tonight Alive - The Ocean

I've been praying for the day that my spirit

I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean
I've been praying for the day that my spirit is finally free

Marianas Trench - By Now

And I thought you'd feel the same as me
It's time that I come clean, but
But for now can we just both pretend to sleep

The Pretenders - Human

I thought you'd come through,
I thought you'd come clean
You were the best thing I should never have seen

Devonte Riley - Where Did You Go

So why you don’t wanna’ be honest?
Are you gonna’ tell me the truth?
You need to come clean
So you better speak now

Chris Rea - Just passing through

No destinations and nothing to win
Keep your head above the water, you get dirty and mean
Scrubbing forever and you never come clean

Ledfoot - That's what you mean to me

You're a nuisance in my dreams
You're a stain that won't come clean
You're a lie I once believed

Amanda Lepore - Marilyn

Into sodomy but the lobotomy
Lifestyle not part of the economy
I'm guilty, and I can't come clean
I better get my ass in a time machine

Dire Straits - Communiqué

You don't have to worry with the previous release
Right now, he's saying nothing at all
But in the communiqué you know he's gonna come clean
Think what he say

Lykke Li - Deep End

It takes two to dance

Show me your cut, baby, come clean
Come out of your smokescreen

System Syn - End Of An Ending

In my heart and in my lungs
Tying off my useless voice
And I'll never learn to come clean
If the slightest truth destroys me

Low - Always Fade

Come clean and off with your head
The streams of bright rosy red
Your heart will do the rest
And you'll always fade

Crooked I - A Lady Fell in Love

Man this shit ain't even cool man like these bitches falling in love
Man I need to come clean, not even bitches man, like women man
I need to come clean with this shit, damn Dominick

Theocrasy - Light Of The World

Why do we only call Your name
When there’s no one else to call?
And we only really seek You

Selena Cross - Silence

I turned a blind eye
I'd feed the lie
Too afraid to come clean

Ayreon - Chronicle 1: The 'Frame' - The Day That the World Breaks Down

I know I was wrong
I know they will hate me now
Oh, but I will come clean
And destroy this cold machine

Lose4Autism - Gonna Lose4Autism

Lose for autism (Gonna try to go fat free)
Lose for autism (It's time for me to come clean)
Lose for autism (Cause I gotta do something)

Njomza - Baggage

Stuck in a fantasy world
See there's consequences and imperfections
Sometimes you can't come clean of the damage
So stay awake, you should pay attention

Of Mice & Men - The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & the Rawdawg Millionaire

I met a girl with predictable ways
Open doors, yeah she's here to stay
Come clean, just open your mind
Shut those legs girl, it's closing time

Jacksfilms - Jack City Bich

I make fun of Ray
Don't care who I'm messin' with
I know I can rap but Ima come clean, son
I'm the whitest boy you've ever done seen, son

Whatever - Good Thing

Come clean, unused
Be free, just good

Stone Sour - Monolith

I've consecrated
I wish that I could hate it
I saw my bloody hands come clean before my eyes

Jekyll & Hyde (Musical) - Facade

They don’t mean what they say
They don’t say what they mean
They don’t ever come clean

No Angels - Feel Good Lies

Just a faker with an attitude
Be who you're gonna be (Better watch your back)
Come clean (Be careful boy)
Better run away, I don't wanna play

Mardoll - Fame

Imma go first,
And Imma come clean
I got my titties done

Pink - Tylko daj mi powód

Nalewasz drinka
Nie, nic nie jest tak złe jak się wydaje
Będziemy wobec siebie szczerzy [fn][/fn]

Alyssa Bernal - Just Give Me a Reason

You're pouring a drink
No, nothing is as bad as it seems
We'll come clean

Craig Conner - Good Thing

Been clean, been used

Come clean

Culture Club - Come Clean

Come clean, I know where you've been
Slipping and stepping inside
Come clean, come clean
I know that's your dream

Red Hot Chili Peppers - We Believe

The curtain is open a head to put dope in
Now we will come clean it the future we've seen it
No, no, I know, I said, no no

Sara Groves - Different Kinds of Happy

Oh, sharing our secrets, baring our souls
Helping each other come clean

Ewa Farna - Sing

And that is my salutation,
So repeating it night and day,
And now I come clean,
As dream is perfidious,

Sunflower Bean - Space Exploration Disaster

In the year 2013
This is the year, where it all come clean
Float away from the planet

Northern Kings - Fallen On Hard Times

Oh, mr. president
you've been put to the test
Come clean, for once, and hit us with the truth

Brand New - Gasoline

But no one's got a vaccine
I think it drowned in holy water
I think it's time we all come clean

Josip On Deck - Waifus On My Mind

They askin' senpai to rub it
And I'm not tryina' be mean
But senpai gotta come clean.. like

Hayley Taylor - No more wishing

Wake up
I'm trying to show you
I want to come clean
You mean more than you should mean

Airi Suzuki - Ah Love

Has stuck in my heart
There are nights when I want
To come clean, mm