Magdalena Casulana - Come fra verde erbette (English translation)

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Come fra verde erbette

Come fra verde erbette
vage augellin in debil filo accolto
De esser ne lacce involto
Fin che non se erge a volo mai non sente
cosi mentre io presente
Da voi donna mi trovo
Il mio carcer non provo
Ma quand' hai me da voi fo dipartita
Sveller mi sent' il cor mancar la vita
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English translation

Like among green herb

Like among green herb
a little bird in a wake thread has gone received
But it should be wrapped around
As long as he does not fly, he never feels
as while I'm present
near you , milady, I stay
My prison I don't try
But when you've got me to leave you
To rip, I feel my heart to miss life
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