Édith Piaf - Comme moi (English translation)

English translation

Like me

Maybe someplace else
There’s a woman
With a heart overwhelmed by joy
Like me
And with a blissful gesture she lifts
The blue silk curtain
Like me
Looks down
Her love will come along
And take her in his arms
Like me
She’s waiting for her lover
The eyes of her lover
The arms of her lover
Like me
Maybe also
At this moment she has
The best time of her life
Like me
And closing her eyes she gets lost
Her hand in her hair
Like me
Maybe she pins
A flower to her chest
And then looks at the clock
Like me
She thinks of her lover
Of her lover’s eyes
Of her lover’s arms
Like me
And maybe even
She will hear
Her heart beating faster and then
Like me
She will want to cry
When hearing a footstep on the stairs
Like me
Like me for a moment
Where my heart
Holds on to you in suspense
And then to die my love
In your eyes, my love
In your arms, my love
My love
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Comme moi