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I reckon

I reckon that when,
after spending
the whole summer singing
I'll go, shivering with cold,
to my enemy
the ant,
I reckon
I'll say
"Would you please
lend me a hand,
give me some wheat,
for I am hungry"1.
I reckon
it'll say
"I won't open my door,
because the whole world
is calling upon
my kindness.
I reckon
the party is over!
You can croak,
for all I care!
Shoo, shoo, off you go!"
I reckon
I'll soon be
and realize
the good fairies
won't save me!
I reckon
the world got
and boys
care for nothing
but the noise of the gun.
I reckon
the Buddha
won't be coming back,
I reckon
the (Lord) Jesus,
won't be seen around,
and the spring
does not come around as often,
and only timidly.
I reckon
we can kiss
our Good Lord goodbye.
I reckon
the Earth is off
to a very bad start.
I reckon
we all are crumpled
and threatened.
I reckon
loving each other
was a very good idea.
  • 1. This alludes to the famous fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper", in its 17th century version by La Fontaine (where the grasshopper is replaced by a cicada)
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Not quite sure "reckon" renders the original that well, but that's the best I could think of.

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